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Phoenix, A Leader in Traffic Safety
Safety advocates from the Phoenix area share their support for traffic safety cameras and explain how they have made Phoenix roads safer.
Ride of Silence
Every year, cyclists around the world ride in silence to memorialize cyclists who have been killed in crashes with vehicles. 

Stop on Red - It's the Law
This video from the Traffic Safety Coalition underlines the dangers of rolling stops and addresses the need to always stop on red, even when turning right. 

Using Technology to Save Lives
First responders in the Cleveland area share their stories about traffic crashes and how modern technology can make a difference.

Facts Don't Lie
The Traffic Safety Coalition presents the facts to refute opposing arguments regarding traffic safety cameras.  The facts don't lie. Safety cameras work.

Respect Red Illinois
Respect Red Illinois focuses on the consequences of running red lights and stop signs and the proven method of deterring this dangerous behavior.

4th Annual Walk for Maya 
Every year, the Stop for Maya Foundation holds the Walk for Maya in remembrance of Maya Hirsch, who was killed at the age of four by a driver who ran a stop sign.