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A Note from Our Co-Chairs
On January 26, 2002 our daughter, Sarah, was on her way to a volunteer seminar when her car was broadsided at the intersection of State Route 73 and 177 in Oxford, Ohio.  

The 21 year old man who hit Sarah’s car ran a red light with little concern for the impact his actions would have on our family.  He was treated at a local hospital and released the same day.  But our daughter lost her life at the age of 31.  Her children have been forced to grow up without their mother and too many others without their true and dear friend.

Since Sarah’s death, we have worked to raise awareness about the impact reckless driving has on the lives of others.  We are committed to ensuring cities and law enforcement have the tools they need to reduce red light running and speeding, and hold those who break the law accountable.

That is why we have signed on as National Co-Chairs of the Traffic Safety Coalition.  We have found that sometimes it takes stories like ours to cut through the clutter that seems to surround these issues.

Please consider joining us in our effort to promote safer roads and intersections by joining the Traffic Safety Coalition and getting involved.  Let your voice be heard.  It may help save a life.


Paul and Sue Oberhauser
National Co-Chairs
The Traffic Safety Coalition is managed by Resolute Consulting, a Chicago-based public affairs firm.
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