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Just the Facts: 
Intersection Safety Cameras
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
One year after intersection safety cameras were installed, the odds of a red light running violation at the camera locations went down. Violations occurring at least 0.5 seconds after the light turned red were 39 percent less likely, violations occurring at least 1 second after were 48 percent less likely, and the odds of a violation occurring at least 1.5 seconds into the red phase fell 86 percent.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Intersection safety cameras reduced fatal red light running crashes by an average of 24% in the 14 largest cities using them between 2004 and 2008.  159 lives were saved in these 14 cities in four years.
Midwest Transportation Consortium 
Safety cameras at intersections in three Iowa communities led to a 40% reduction in red light running crashes and a 20% reduction in overall crashes.
Texas Transportation Institute
Researchers examined crash records at 275 Texas intersections and found safety cameras led to an 11% reduction in overall crashes, a 25% reduction in red light-related crashes and a 32% reduction in T-bone crashes.
Texas A&M University
According to a Texas study, intersection safety cameras reduced annualized crashes by 66%, and reduced right angle crashes by 75% at intersections with cameras.

Evaluating Red Light Running Violations in Iowa
Iowa State University Center for Transportation Research and Education
Intersection safety cameras reduced the total number of crashes by an average of 44% at intersections after installation in Iowa.

City of Albuquerque Red Light Camera Study Final Report

University of New Mexico
Intersection safety cameras significantly reduced injury crashes by 25.5% and right-angle crashes by 28.8% in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Red-light Cameras: Automated Traffic Cops in Orange County
Orange County, CA
The Garden Grove, CA Police Department found intersection safety cameras reduced the number of accidents at photo enforcement intersections by 46% over a two-year period.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
In Philadelphia, intersection safety cameras on top of lengthening yellow timing further reduced red light violations by 96% beyond levels achieved by longer yellow light timing.
Red Light Cameras: Do they change driver behavior and reduce accidents?
Louisiana State University
Before the installation of traffic enforcement cameras, 2,428 citations were given per week at an intersection with the highest accident rate in Louisiana, but dropped to 356 citations per week after traffic safety cameras were installed and running for eight months

Survive the Drive
Old Dominion University
Traffic safety cameras reduced red light violations by 69% after installation in Virginia Beach, VA.

IIHS: Red Light Cameras
Save Lives
In a national study, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concluded intersection safety cameras saved 159 lives in the 14 largest cities using them between 2004 and 2008.