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Join the Nation's Coalition of Safety Advocates
The Traffic Safety Coalition is a national organization comprised of concerned citizens, safety and victims’ advocates, public officials, and health care and traffic safety industry professionals working together to make our roads safer for all users – drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.
The TSC’s goal is to spread the message about the effectiveness of safety technology such as intersection, speed and school bus arm cameras as a proven tool to reduce crashes and keep road users safe.  The TSC operates chapters in states across the country and works with its local partners on state-based traffic safety education campaigns.

Join with organizations like the National Alliance for Biking and Walking, Ride of Silence, and more than 350 other partners across the country. Work with us to do your part to champion safer roads for everyone. 
Once you join the TSC, here are some of the ways we can help your organization:

  • Feature you on our News Feed blog and social media pages to highlight your organization.
  • Add your name and logo to TSC national outreach materials and website.
  • Invite you to draft a guest blog entry for our News Feed blog to highlight the work your organization does.
  • Highlight your expertise in your work through an "Ask the Experts" interview in our newsletter to more than 7,000 traffic safety stakeholders nationwide.
  • Promote your events and achievements to like-minded organizations across the country.



The Traffic Safety Coalition is funded by the traffic safety camera industry and its supporters to assist ongoing advocacy and education efforts of traffic safety experts, law enforcement, public officials, victims' advocates, health care professionals and concerned citizens committed to making our roads and intersections safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. TSC partners share a commitment to traffic safety. No TSC partner organization or individual is compensated for their involvement.The Traffic Safety Coalition is managed by Resolute Consulting, a Chicago-based public affairs firm.
The Traffic Safety Coalition received the 2011 Peter K. O'Rourke Special Achievement Award from the Governors Highway Safety Association for outstanding achievements in highway safety. Read more here.
Organizations and individuals interested in contributing to the Coalition or getting involved should contact us by calling (312) 768-4798.