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Editorials and Op-Eds
Below are editorials and op-eds published in newspapers across the country that highlight the importance of safety cameras. 
 The Gazette:  "Everyone's running red lights"--7/13/2015
The Columbus Dispatch: "Law will make streets less safe" -- 2/22/2015 
Norwich Bulletin: "Our View: Red light cameras can help save lives" -- 3/12/2013
Pensacola News Journal: “Editorial: Don't repeal cameras” – 1/26/2013

Knoxville News-Sentinel: “Editorial: Goal of red-light camera monitoring is driver safety” – 1/25/2013

Naples Daily News: “Editorial: Commission should stop plan to remove cameras” – 1/24/2013

Lakeland Ledger: “Editorial: Red-Light cameras: Survey Shows Gain in Safety” – 1/17/2013


Times of Trenton: “Opinion: Simple truth -- Red light running kills and red-light cameras save lives” – 1/12/2013


Bradenton Herald: “End the debate: Study validates Florida red-light cameras improve public safety” – 1/11/2013


New Jersey Newsroom: “Red-Light cameras are making New Jersey’s streets safer” – 12/10/2012


Ohio Times Leader: “Editorial: Focusing on Safety” – 12/4/2012


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Red-light cameras make roads safer” – 11/28/2012


The Express-Times: “Red light cameras help keep intersections safer” – 11/6/2012 “Gripe if you want, but red light cameras save lives” – 10/1/2012

Norwich Bulletin: "Our View: Camreas on school buses a good idea" – 9/18/2012 “Red light cameras not just money makers” – 9/7/2012
Arizona Republic: “Legislature, butt out” – 9/5/2012
Herald Tribune: “Red-light revenue stopper” – 8/23/2012
Sioux City Journal: “Our Opinion: Numbers show red-light cameras are working” – 7/29/2012
The Patriot-News: “Red-light cameras save lives” – 7/20/2012
Albuquerque Journal: “Violators Come Out as Traffic Cameras Go Off” – 6/20/2011
The Washington Post: “Red-light cameras get results” – 2/5/2011
IIHS: Red Light Cameras
Save Lives
In a national study, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concluded intersection safety cameras saved 159 lives in the 14 largest cities using them between 2004 and 2008.
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