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Pedestrians and Bicyclists:
Innocent Victims of Reckless Driving
Nearly two-thirds of those killed in intersections crashes are not in the motor vehicle.  They are pedestrians, bicyclists and innocent bystanders. 
 - Every 2 hours, a pedestrian is KILLED in a traffic crash.
 - Every 8 minutes, a pedestrian AND a pedal-cyclist is INJURED in a traffic crash.
 - Every 2 days, a bicyclist is KILLED in a traffic crash.
   Source: NHTSA, 2010. 
Pedestrians and Bicyclists in Danger

Pedestrians killed in traffic crashes: 4,280. That's a 4-percent increase.

Pedestrians injured in traffic crashes: 70,000.

Pedestrian deaths account for 13 percent of all traffic fatalities.

Source: NHTSA, 2010. 

Children at Risk
One-quarter of all pedestrians injured in traffic crashes are children.
One-fifth of the children between the ages of 5 and 9 killed in traffic crashes are pedestrians. 
Bicyclists under age 16 accounted for 11 percent of bicyclists killed and 21 percent of all those injured in traffic crashes in 2010.
 Source: NHTSA, 2010.
Intersection Safety
21% of pedestrian deaths occur in intersections.
33% of all bicyclist deaths occur in intersections.

Tragedy in Nevada
“A young man, 12 years old, who was crossing at a signalized intersection; he waited for his light and as he crossed the street to pick up his younger sibling at the elementary school, he was hit by a truck driver who reported to law enforcement, ‘Yes I saw the boy, but I thought he’d stop for me.’”
Source: Governors Highway Safety Administration, January 2011.