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School Bus Safety
Every day, children across the country are put in danger by drivers who speed through school bus stop signs as children are getting on and off the bus. Common-sense measures such as stopping for stop-arm signs and providing communities with the proper enforcement tools can help address this problem and promote child safety. Here are some startling facts about this very serious issue:
  • 26 million children ride buses to school every day
  • 16 million school bus stop-arm violations occur nationwide each school year
  • School bus-related crashes send 17,000 children to emergency rooms each year
  • 99% of school bus drivers surveyed reported that the most dangerous driving behavior is passing a school bus with a raised stop sign
Children and parents shouldn’t have to worry whether the way to school is a safe one. Take our pledge today and join our partners nationwide in pledging never to illegally pass a school bus.
School Bus Safety Study
A December 2012 study conducted by researchers at Iowa State University and the University of Iowa points to efforts that could help prevent loading and unloading accidents. Read the full study here.
"This report states that parents should be encouraged to have their children ride the bus to and from school because buses are one of the safest forms of transportation available.Yet the safety of our children is still a real concern, primarily due to vehicles illegally passing stopped school buses.
      - Steve Gent, director of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Traffic and Safety
An Expert Perspective on School Bus Safety
“We expect this [school bus arm enforcement] program will change driving behavior and have a positive
impact on the safety of the city's students. While the city has been fortunate to have not had an
accident yet, it's only a matter of time. The safety of our community is our number one priority.”
      - Rick Campbell, Captain, Falls Church, Virginia Police Department (Washington Post, 1/3/2013)
"This is a fabulous program for the safety of our children... It's about setting the expectation that this is
law and we truly do not want anyone to pass a bus for the safety of our children."
      - Dr. Gail Gilmore, Superintendent, Watertown Public Schools, Connecticut (Republican-
         American, 1/10/2013)
“Oh, the bus drivers love the cameras. I've noticed people are stopping more than they have in the past.
I think now the word is out, so they know they had better stop."
      - Brenda Turner, School Bus Driver in Georgia (WXIA-TV/11 Alive, 12/7/12)
"Our number-one priority is to protect the children who ride our school buses to and from school each
day. We are proud to have this additional tool to help keep our children safe."
      - Frank Brown, Muscogee County, Georgia School District Director of Transportation (WTVM 9,
Pledge for School Bus Safety
I pledge to support our children’s safety and never to illegally pass a stopped school bus.