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"It Can Wait" is a Message That Can't Wait
Join the Coalition to Stop Texting While Driving
More than 100,000 crashes a year involve drivers who are
texting causing life-changing injuries and deaths.
TSC invites you to join a coalition of traffic safety advocates, businesses and organizations committed to halting the practice of texting while driving.

We are working to deliver the powerful messages that "It Can Wait: No text is worth dying for."

Read on to find out more about this important issue and what you can do to help make our roads safer and save lives.

AT&T Phone App Prevents Texting While Driving

When asked, 89 percent of teens surveyed said a phone app to prevent texting while driving would be an effective way to get them to stop texting while driving. As a result, the AT&T DriveMode app is available for free.

Click here to download the free AT&T DriveMode App.

Here is What You Can Do:
  1. Go to the website and take the "don't text and drive" pledge. Then check out the host of educational resources and information available on this issue.

  2. Download AT&T's DriveMode today and have peace of mind that you've done your part to increase safety on the road while driving. The AT&T DriveMode App is designed to help curb the urge to text and drive by allowing the temporarily disabling of some features on your mobile device.

  3. Use the resources and ideas available from AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign to tell everyone you know that "It can wait - no text is worth dying for" - and ask them to tell everyone they know.