40 Irvine Car Accident Lawyers

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The situation on the roads is becoming more and more dangerous each year. If you suffered from a car accident, you may have your back against the wall without having the foggiest idea of what to do next. Insurance companies will use your confusion and the lack of legal experience to cut down the settlement. Lawyers will stand up for your rights and fight insurance adjusters back. You may count on total support and the most favorable outcome.

Car accident lawyers will guarantee professional legal, mental, and medical support no matter what happens. They will treat every client like a family member delivering full-scale legal assistance on a contingency basis. Finding a trusted law firm will define your future case success. With professional attorneys, you put decades of experience, hundreds of jury trials, and successful cases on your side.

We have conducted the list of 40 car accident lawyers in Irvine featuring some of the most reputable, well-known, and experienced specialists with a perfect reputation across the state.

1. Samer Habbas & Associates – 15 Years in Business

Samer Habbas & Associates is a high-volume premier law firm with six dedicated attorneys managed by the company’s founder and leading lawyer Samer Habbas. Together, they provide high-class legal assistance across Orange County and California. With the main office located in Irvine, the firm has representations in four more locations including Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and El Segundo. For almost 15 years in business, local specialists managed to win thousands of cases and gain more than $200 million in compensations for their clients.

Address: 200 Spectrum Center Dr #1230, Irvine, CA 92618

Samer Habbas & Associates

More Information on HabbaspiLaw.com

Established in 2006, the company follows the one and only mission, which is to protect victims of others’ negligence from legal injustice. Mr. Habbas and his team made a name for themselves as aggressive litigators. The firm includes a huge legal staff with dozens of paralegals, investigators, litigators, and office managers to pay attention to every small thing in your legal matter. This is how they managed to recover hundreds of millions on their client’s behalf.

Samer Habbas Associates law firm

At Samer Habbas & Associates, they understand how important it is to gain the settlement as fast as possible to cope with running medical and repair costs. On the other hand, they do not rush to get a quick check. The range of practice areas includes auto accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, elder abuse, premises liability, legal malpractice, and any others. What’s more, local attorneys boast a long list of prestigious awards and titles including American’s Top 100 High Stake Litigators, Million Dollar Advocate Forum membership, Top 100 National Trial Lawyers, and so on.


  • 15 years of flawless reputation;
  • More than $200 million recovered;
  • Numerous awards, perfect AVVO rating, and honors.

Latest achievements:

  • $11,000,000 catastrophic injury in a truck accident;
  • $3,450,000 motorcycle accident;
  • $1,500,000 auto accident.

2. Avrek Law Firm – $750 Million Recovered

Avrek Law Firm introduces a team of experienced car accident lawyers. They provide a well-balanced legal representation featuring an aggressive approach with personalized attention to every case. The fight for justice and do their best to gain maximum possible compensation. All services are delivered on a contingency basis, which means no fees until they win the case. For more than 30 years, attorneys at Avrek Law Firm have been representing clients in Irvine and across Orange County. Their level of expertise made it possible to recover more than $750 million in settlements and verdicts.

Address: 2350 SE Bristol St, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Avrek Law

More Information on Avrek.com

A local team consists of proven experts in a variety of law fields. They can handle any car accident or personal injury case despite the complexity. What’s more, you may hire attorneys, who specialize in medical malpractice, animal attacks, slip and fall, workplace accidents, and more. It all starts with a free consultation and no-obligation case evaluation. You will contact a professional lawyer directly to discuss your legal matter.

Avrek Injury Attorneys

When opting for the Avrek Law Firm, you will have more than 50 dedicated attorneys, office managers, and paralegals serving clients not only in California but also in Nevada and Arizona. Only in California, the company boasts 18 offices located in Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and other cities. Legal support is provided in English and Spanish for maximum convenience.


  • More than 30 years of legal experience;
  • Over 50 dedicated lawyers at your service;
  • More than $750 million in settlements.

Latest achievements:

  • $10,500,000 auto vs motorcycle accident;
  • $12,500,000 premises liability;
  • $7,600,000 motorcycle vs truck accident.

3. Russell & Lazarus

Launched in 1993, Russell & Lazarus is the law firm that boasts almost 10,000 cases won. 3,000 of them refer to car accidents and personal injuries featuring a 95% success rate. This is what makes the company one of the most trusted and recognizable law firms in the borough. The team includes 7 dedicated lawyers with Marc Lazarus and Chris Russell in charge. Together, they managed to recover millions in settlements and judgments while serving clients across three different locations including Irvine.

Address: 1401 Dove St #310, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Russell & Lazarus

More Information on RussellAndLazarus.com

Every specialist at Russell & Lazarus follows the same philosophy that did not change over the years. It is to help clients in every aspect of their legal matters. They will handle every stage from investigating the case to negotiating the settlement or preparing for the trial.
Russell and Lazarus Law Firm
Attorneys will make sure that all facts are in one place to be presented to the jury. They win maximum possible compensation in cases that refer to such practice areas as car and truck accidents, brain and spinal cord injuries, dog bites, slip and fall, elder abuse, wrongful death, and many other law fields.


  • Legal services since 1993;
  • Almost 10,000 cases won;
  • Offices in three different locations.

Latest achievements:

  • $850,000 rear-end collision;
  • $2,040,000 scooter accident;
  • $735,000 neck injury.

4. Bisnar|Chase

John Bisnar founded the Bisnar|Chase law firm in 1978. The main mission was to deliver premium-quality legal services directly to clients, who suffered from someone else’s negligence. Later, he teamed up with a recognizable trial attorney and partner Brian Chase with more than 3 decades of legal experience and a flawless reputation. Today, the company introduces a team of 10 car accident lawyers, who represent clients’ interests in Irvine and across Orange County.

Address: 1301 Dove St STE 120, Newport Beach, CA 92660


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For more than 40 years in business, the firm gained over $650 million in judgments and settlements. What’s more, it boasts a 96% success rate when it comes to trial cases. Local experts are not afraid of taking the case to the courtroom and present it to the jury. While the majority of personal injury attorneys specialize mainly in pretrial settlements, John and Brian have a pool of dedicated trial lawyers, who gained a flawless reputation across the state in addition to multiple prestigious awards and titles.

The level of expertise is enough to handle a variety of practice areas and cases related to car accidents, premises liability, personal injuries, class actions, wrongful death, defective products, brain injury, worker compensation, and many others. With more than half a billion dollars recovered ad a close-to-perfect success rate, this law firm is certainly one of the best in Irvine.


  • More than 40 years in business;
  • Over $650 million recovered;
  • 96% success rate.

Latest achievements:

  • $117,500,000 consumer class action;
  • $38,650,000 motorcycle accident;
  • $16,444,904 bicycle accident.

5. Sweet James

Also known as Sweet James, the founder and the managing partner James Bergener is recognized as one of the nation’s top personal injury attorneys. He built a strong legal tea with 24 dedicated lawyers and offices in 6 different locations across the state including Irvine. For several decades, James and his legal staff have been helping victims of other’s negligence to gain the settlement they deserve. An overwhelming track record highlights thousands of cases won and more than $500 million in verdicts and compensations.

Address: 4220 Von Karman Ave Suite 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Sweet James

More Information on SweetJames.com

Apart from being a leading personal injury attorney in California, James boasts broad representation on mass media with several appearances on television and radio. He works as a legal consultant and defender to fight back insurance companies trying to take advantage of his clients. Customers may benefit from free online or live consultations in-person. The range of practice areas involves motorcycle and truck accidents, elder abuse, personal injuries, slip and fall, wrongful death, and more.


  • 98% success rate;
  • More than $500 million recovered;
  • Nation’s top personal injury attorneys.

Latest achievements:

  • $3,500,000 motorcycle accident;
  • $5,000,000 pedestrian injury;
  • $8,000,000 brain injury.

6. McFarlin

McFarlin is a premier law firm located in Irvine. It serves individuals, small businesses, and property owners, who have their backs against the wall because of legal injustice. The team of lawyers consists of 6 dedicated specialists with Timothy G. McFarlin in charge. Together, they boast decades of combined experience in addition to thousands of cases won. They guarantee zero upfront fees in addition to the most favorable outcome and free consultations right from the start.

Address: 4 Park Plaza Suite 1025, Irvine, CA 92614

McFarlin LLP

More Information on McFarlinLaw.com

Attorneys at McFarlin specialize in a variety of law fields. They have enough background to handle car accidents and personal injuries as well a bankruptcy, business litigations, real estate law, credit repair, employment law, and many other practice areas. The website has a comprehensive video center with guides and tutorials explaining different legal matters. The firm has numerous prestigious titles in addition to a 10.0 AVVO rating, Best Law Firm Websites 2020, and many others.


  • Local Irvine-based law firm;
  • Numerous awards and titles;
  • Broad practice area coverage.

Additional benefits:

  • A comprehensive knowledgebase featuring a blog and a video center.

7. The Ledger Law

The Ledger Law introduces a team of 25 dedicated legal specialists. They include some of the top personal injury attorneys delivering legal assistance nationwide. The company has representations in different states and offers several meeting areas to handle personal consultations and discuss your case in private. A team of litigators, case managers, paralegals, and car accident lawyers will help you oppose insurance companies and fight for your rights n matter how complex the matter seems.

Address: 5160 Birch St Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660

The Ledger Law

More Information on LedgerLaw.com

With an office in California and Washington State, the firm boasts nationwide recognition with a bunch of honorable titles. They include membership in the Million Dollar Advocate Forum and more. Local lawyers made appearances on some of the major mass media such as NBC and FOR NEWS. The founder and the leading attorney Emery Brett Ledger is licensed to provide legal services in several states including California making them available for citizens of Irvine as well.


  • Legal services in two states;
  • Personal meeting areas;
  • Legal staff with 25 professionals at your service.


  • No case results were found on the website.

8. The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman

The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman is a team of ten dedicated and passionate car accident lawyers led by the founder and the former district attorney Bruce C. Bridgman. They have been delivering legal assistance across California and Irvine in particular for more than three decades. These include years of combined experience and thousands of successful cases. Bruce himself is a well-established trial attorney with a flawless reputation and recognition among clients and colleagues.

Address: 17500 Red Hill Ave #230, Irvine, CA 92614

The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman

More Information on TheBestLawyersinTown.com

The range of practice areas varies from personal injuries and car accidents to criminal defense and business litigation. The process starts with a free consultation and case evaluation, where you do not need to sign anything. Local specialists will discuss all details to work out an effective strategy and decide on how much you may gain in settlements. What’s more, legal services are provided on a contingency basis. You pay nothing unless they win.


  • More than 30 years in business;
  • 10 experienced attorneys at your service;
  • Full-scale legal assistance.

Additional benefits:

  • Free case evaluation without obligations.

9. West Coast Trial Lawyers

If you are looking for the top premier law firm in California with representation in Irvine, West Coast Trial Lawyers is the one to opt for. It has been ranked the #1 company in Los Angeles with offices across the state. It represents a team of 25 dedicated car accident and personal injury lawyers, who have collected more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts. They boast more than 100 years of combined legal experience in addition to over 5 thousand cases won.

Address: 2955 Main St #110, Irvine, CA 92614

West Coast Trial Lawyers

More Information on WestCoastTrialLawyers.com

Dozens of paralegals and office managers work hard to fight back system injustice and let you gain the maximum possible settlement. Here we have some of the brightest attorneys with Neama Rahmani in charge. All specialists studied at Harvard and worked as prosecutors. They know how the system works from the inside. Besides, the company guarantees a contingency fee basis in addition to free consultations.


  • More than 100 years of combined practice;
  • More than $1 billion recovered;
  • More than 5,000 cases won.

Latest achievements:

  • $15,000,000 wrongful death;
  • $2,500,000 motorcycle accident;
  • $1,100,000 spinal cord injury.

10. iAccident Lawyer

With more than 30 years of legal practice, iAccident Lawyer has been recognized as a Californian premier personal injury firm with a pool of dedicated car accident lawyers and legal staff. The track record looks more than impressive. The team of attorneys with Donald Stevenson in charge managed to recover more than $150 million with Donald himself gaining about $120 million in verdicts and compensations for his clients. Additional benefits include an individual approach, round-the-clock customer support, and contingency fee basis.

Address: 2062 Business Center Dr #200, Irvine, CA 92612

iAccident Lawyer Firm

More Information on iAccidentLawyer.com

All practice areas are divided in accordance with the law field. Local lawyers will fight for your rights in case of motor vehicle accidents, all major types of personal injuries, tort law, and some others. Some of the settlements feature huge multi-million paychecks with real reviews and clients’ photos.


  • More than 30 years of legal practice;
  • Over $150 million collected;
  • 24/7 support.

Latest achievements:

  • $700,000 distracted driving case;
  • $12,650,000 brain injury of a motorist on a highway;
  • $1,000,000 trucking accident.

11. AA Accident Attorneys

AA Accident Attorneys is a law firm founded by Paul Lee, who started legal practice in 1994. The company has grown into one of the most recognizable law offices with representations in Irvine and other cities across the state. With local car accident lawyers, you will put more than 40 years of combined experience and more than $150 million in settlements and verdicts. The company boasts a 98% success rate in addition to multi-million compensations for clients.

Address: 4700 Teller Ave 2nd Floor, Newport Beach, CA 92660

AA Accident Attorneys

More Information on AA-AccidentAttorneys.com

Paul Lee meets every client personally to discuss the case and provide free no-obligation consultations. He delivers high-quality legal assistance to English and Spanish-speaking customers. Paul specializes in different law fields that include car accidents, pedestrian injuries, public transportation accidents, slip and fall, and other practice areas. The website contains tons of useful information available in the Car Accident FAQ section and blog.


  • More than 4 decades of collective experience;
  • Over $150 million recovered;
  • 98% of cases won.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,500,000 passenger injured in a car accident;
  • $4,000,000 burn injury;
  • $1,800,000 compensation from a trucking company.

12. Car Accident Lawyer Guys

Car Accident Lawyer Guys is a trusted law firm founded by the former Dep. District Attorney Scott Mattingly. Scott himself boasts more than 20 years of legal practice. He managed to recover more than $150 million on behalf of his clients and got membership in the National Trial Attorney Association. Mr. Mattingly will handle any case on the pretrial level or take it to the courtroom to ensure the maximum possible settlement.

Address: 4700 Teller Ave 3rd floor, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Car Accident Lawyer Guys

More Information on AccidentAttorneys-California.com

From a small local office, the company grew into a recognizable company that delivers legal assistance across the state. It has offices I Irvine, Fresno, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, and other cities. The list of practice areas includes all kinds of motor vehicle accidents from auto and bus accidents to wrongful death and catastrophic injuries. Clients will find numerous testimonials and case results with detailed overviews and settlements recovered. Local experts guarantee free consultations round the clock.


  • More than 2 decades in business;
  • Offices in different cities including Irvine;
  • More than $150 million was collected.

Latest achievements:

  • $2,000,000 Big Rig accident;
  • $1,000,000 truck rear-end collision;
  • $480,000 wrong-way driver accident.

13. The Medler Law Firm

If you need a trusted car accident lawyer in Irvine with a superior success rate and flawless reputation, the Medler Law Firm introduces a team of top-rated attorneys. They boast more than five decades of the collective experience and 99% of all cases won. With such a track record, local specialists add over $60 million recovered in judgments and settlements. The list of honorable awards includes Top 100 trial Lawyers, Naopia Top 10 Attorneys 2014, and many others.

Address: 2030 Main St Ste 1347, Irvine, CA 92614

The Medler Law Firm

More Information on MedlerLawFirm.com

The Medler Law Firm is an example of a reputable family-owned company with John and Tammy Medler in charge. They both have more than 25 years of personal legal experience. Together, they handle a variety of different cases that refer to catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, pedestrian injuries, motorcycle and car, accidents, brain injuries, and many other practice areas. Clients will appreciate a comprehensive video center with tips and guides on what to do after the accident.


  • More than 5 decades of combined practice;
  • Over $60 million in settlements and verdicts;
  • A family-owned law firm with a clear philosophy.

Latest achievements:

  • $14,000,000 helicopter accident;
  • $7,000,000 pedestrian accident resulted in wrongful death;
  • $2,058,250 motorcycle accident.

14. Roy L. Comer

Roy L. Comer could hardly imagine he would become a reputable and trusted car accident lawyer with more than 35 years of legal experience. He wanted to be a teacher at first. However, the tables were turned, and Roy eventually studied law at Irvine University. Despite the fact, he still teaches eager students, Mr. Comer specializes in handling different cases that range from car crashes, boating collisions, and school bus accidents to medical negligence, pedestrian crashes, and more.

Address: 98 Discovery, Irvine, CA 92618

Roy L. Comer

More Information on RoyComer.com

Today, Roy can boast thousands of successful cases in addition to almost four decades of legal practice not only in Irvine but also across the state. He has extensive trial experience, which means Roy is not afraid to take your case to the jury. Additional benefits include a perfect 10.0 AVV rating as well as the title of Adjunct Professor of Law.


  • 38 years of practice;
  • Perfect rating;
  • Experience in teaching law.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,100,000 careless driving;
  • $750,000 a client bit by a dog;
  • $1,000,000 medical negligence.

15. RMD Law

RMD Law is a team of Irvine car accident lawyers. The office introduces an award-winning trio of personal injury attorneys, who deliver full-cycle legal services across the state. The firm has offices in Irvine, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Local specialists have won thousands of cases and recovered millions for their customers including huge multi-million compensations. The range of practice areas varies from auto and bicycle accidents to personal injuries and wrongful death.

Address: 19700 Fairchild Rd #350, Irvine, CA 92612


More Information on RMDLaw.com

The legal trio consists of personal injury attorneys John Rajaee, Arian Miran, and Nicole Dolle. They all specialize in auto accidents and injuries of different types. Together, they gained decades of legal experience and a high success rate. The level of expertise is proved by numerous awards that include Top 40 under 40, Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Forum membership, and other titles.


  • Numerous prestigious titles and awards;
  • Millions of dollars collected;
  • Offices in three cities including Irvine.

Latest achievements:

  • $34,000,000 a client injured in an accident;
  • $1,000,000 premises liability;
  • $2,000,000 wrongful death.

16. Roberts|Jeandron Law

Roberts | Jeandron Law is a team of dedicated personal injury attorneys with the head office located in Newport Beach. However, they deliver high-quality legal services across Southern California including Irvine. The main benefit is the fact that local lawyers deal with every client personally without having dozens of office managers and paralegals. It results in a personalized approach despite the case complexity. The award-winning legal trio will handle a variety of law fields and matters including auto accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, brain injuries, and other practice areas.

Address: 4440 Von Karman Ave Suite 350, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Roberts|Jeandron Law

More Information on RobertsLawFirm.net

Apart from major practice areas, attorneys at Roberts | Jeandron Law deal with other cases that may include animal attacks, defective products, and more. Together, they combine decades of legal experience and millions of dollars collected for clients. The team consists of aggressive car accident lawyers Jeffrey Roberts, Michael Jeandron, and Shaun Phillips. They guarantee free personal and online consultations and provide access to comprehensive knowledgebase with video guides, wrongful death FAQ, blog, and other useful information.


  • Caring personal injury attorneys;
  • Multiple ways to get a free consultation;
  • More than $75 million recovered.

Latest achievements:

  • $6,000,000 wrongful death;
  • $5,000,000 pedestrian hit by a car;
  • $1,500,000 bicycle accident.

17. Bond Legal

Bond Legal is the nationwide legal team with representations not only in California and Irvine in particular but also in Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, and other states. The founder and personal injury attorney Candice M. Bond is in charge of the high-volume pool of lawyers who are proven experts in such practice areas as personal injuries, auto accidents, wrongful death, sexual abuse, and other law fields.

Address: 17500 Red Hill Ave #100, Irvine, CA 92614

Bond Legal

More Information on AttorneysForTheInjured.com

Every client knows Candice and her staff for the caring approach. They treat every victim of others’ negligence as a part of the family. At the same time, they use the most aggressive style to litigate the case and gain the maximum possible settlement. Local lawyers collected millions in verdicts. They boast several multi-million settlements and always give back taking part in charitable events. This is what makes the law firm so special and worthy to consult.


  • 12 experienced lawyers on your side;
  • Decades of combined experience;
  • Huge settlements and multi-million paychecks.

Latest achievements:

  • $12,800,000 brain injury in an auto accident;
  • $10,500,000 auto accidents resulted in wrongful death;
  • $10,500,000 cervical injury in the auto accident.

18. The Law Offices of Steven Zwick

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Zwick have a clear understanding of how stressful it can be to cope with the consequences of someone else’s negligence. For many decades, they have been helping victims of car accidents and personal injuries across Southern California with representation in Irvine and some other locations. Attorneys Steven Zwick and James Alquist have been in business for several decades and gained recognition among clients and other lawyers in California.

Address: 100 Spectrum Center Dr Ste 900, Irvine, CA 92618

Zwick Law

More Information on ZwickLaw.com

Together, Steven and James will fight for your rights and represent clients both at the pretrial level and in the courtroom. They carefully guide clients through every stage of the legal process instead of pushing. The range of practice areas they specialize in includes personal injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death, nursing home abuse, dangerous drug injuries, and many other matters that may lead to severe or minor health troubles.


  • Decades of collective experience;
  • Caring approach;
  • Bilingual customer support.

Latest achievements:

  • $10,000,000 premises liability;
  • $5,000,000 pedestrian accident;
  • $2,000,000 auto accident.

19. Sachs Law

Sachs Law is a pool of trusted car accident lawyers who deliver their legal services across Nevada and California. With offices across the country, they have a strong representation in Irvine and across the borough. The legal team consists of experienced personal injury attorneys, operating offices, paralegals, and other legal staff to help you handle any case despite the complexity.

Address: 18650 MacArthur Blvd Suite 350, Irvine, CA 92612

Sachs Law

More Information on SachsLawyers.com

Founded by Brett Sachs, the firm has grown into a recognizable company with qualified attorneys and office workers. Their mission is to change the concept of handling various practice areas such as personal injuries, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, animal attacks, catastrophic injuries, and others. With 8 dedicated lawyers to handle your case, you put millions of dollars collected and decades of combined experience on your side.


  • Legal services in California and Nevada;
  • 8 experienced car accident lawyers;
  • Passionate legal staff.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,125,000 car accident case;
  • $700,000 bus accident case;
  • $650,000 slip and fall injury.

20. Kohan & Bablove

If you look for honest attorneys who never charge hidden fees and guarantee free no-obligation consultations, you will certainly find them at the Kohan & Bablove law firm. Nicholas Kohan and Jesse Bablove are the firm founders and managing lawyers who are ready to answer any question about your case and explain how they are going to gain a maximum settlement. They are in charge of a small but aggressive team with three more car accident lawyers including Sean Buck, Michelle Wang, and Fernando Guzman.

Address: 1101 Dove St STE 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Kohan & Bablove

More Information on DKBLawyers.com

Clients have a chance to benefit from a personal consultation delivered by the phone or via the Live Chat feature. All services are delivered on a contingency fee basis. It means zero cost until they win the case. Numerous real testimonials prove a high level of legal expertise and the ability to handle any case ranging from car accidents and personal injuries to slip and fall and wrongful death.


  • No hidden fees;
  • Zero-cost consultations;
  • Maximum settlement guarantees.

Latest achievements:

  • $2,000,000 slip and fall accident;
  • $1,582,000 wrongful death;
  • $936,000 defective product case.

21. Hanning & Sacchetto

Hanning & Sacchetto is a team of aggressive and trusted car accident lawyers, who handle a variety of other cases. The range of practice areas includes personal injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and all kinds of motor vehicle accidents. The pool of seasoned injury attorneys consists of the firm’s founders and managing specialists Nathan A. Hanning and Michael V. Sacchetto. They are in charge of a growing legal staff with 12 dedicated specialists delivering high-quality services in 6 different locations including Irvine.

Address: 7545 Irvine Center Dr Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618

Hanning & Sacchetto

More Information on HanningSacchetto.com

Local specialists offer a simple and transparent way of handling each case. At the first stage, they offer a free consultation to discuss the details of the matter. Secondly, they will take control of the legal process at zero upfront fees. At the last stage, the gain the settlement you expect and only then take their affordable omission. Numerous real testimonials prove a caring approach to every case.


  • 14 dedicated professionals at your service;
  • Offices in 6 locations including Irvine;
  • Real testimonials and blog with handy articles.


  • No latest results and brief lawyers’ profiles with little info.

22. TorkLaw

At TorkLaw, lawyers work only with a focus on civil plaintiffs. They never help big corporations or companies that try to take advantage of people. Local attorneys stand for people’s rights and represent customers in 14 different locations across the country. They have several offices in California including Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, and some other cities. The company guarantees 100% dedication, total-free consultations, and maximum possible settlement.

Address: 18650 MacArthur Blvd Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92612


More Information on TorkLaw.com

With TorkLaw, you will put 11 experienced injury attorneys with decades of collective experience on your side. They have an overwhelming track record of successful cases with more than 10,000 satisfied clients who gained the compensation they deserved. The expert team has collected more than $250 million for their customers while handling different cases including car accidents, personal injuries, product liability, slip and fall, dog bites, etc.


  • More than 10,000 cases won;
  • Over $250 million collected;
  • Free books, Legal Rights guides, and a Learning Center.

Additional benefits:

  • Best Law Firm by U.S. News for five years in a row starting from 2016.

23. Minaie Law Group

Miranda Condra and Ashkan Minaie are the managing attorneys at the Minaie Law Group. They have an experienced team of legal experts, who specialize in worker compensations, auto accidents, and personal injuries. Clients from across Orange County, Riverside, and San Diego may count on full-cycle legal services with no upfront costs and contingency fee basis. They will have a chance to schedule a free consultation online or personally with one of the local experts.

Address: 34 Executive Park Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92614

Minaie Law Group

More Information on MinaieLaw.com

Miranda and Ashkan boast more than four decades of collective experience. They helped more than 2,000 customers to gain the settlement they deserve. With a 98% success rate, they managed to recover more than $50 million in verdicts. Besides, clients will find an in-depth learning center with all crucial points explained. The center contains useful links, video guides, useful infographics, and other pieces of educative content.


  • 40 years of combined experience;
  • More than 2,000 cases were handled;
  • $50 million settled.

Additional benefits:

  • Free access to the learning center with blogs, videos, useful links, and other sources.

24. Shin Law Group

Shin Law Group introduces a team of car accident lawyers, who provide their legal services in Irvine, Yorba Linda, and other locations across California. Local attorneys have made a name for themselves thanks to the most aggressive representation either at the pretrial level or in the courtroom. The founder and the managing expert Jonathan Shin is known for a passionate and dedicated approach. He cares about every small case instead of chasing big paychecks.

Address: 9070 Irvine Center Dr STE 135, Irvine, CA 92618

Shin Law Group

More Information on ShinLawPC.com

The key benefit is the ability to dive deep into details of every matter including the medicine and science involved in every case. Jonathan and his team handle different practice areas such as car accidents, personal injuries, business litigations, and immigration law. They do not charge fees unless they win. The firm boasts excellent clients; satisfaction in addition to multiple awards 5-star reviews n Google, a perfect AVVO rating, etc.


  • Expertise in various law fields;
  • County’s Best Lawyer in 2019;
  • Featured on the cover of the OC Weekly magazine.

Latest achievements:

  • $15,000 auto vs auto accident;
  • $100,000 auto vs auto accident;
  • $50,000 auto vs auto accident.

25. Bentley & More

Bentley & More is a team of 6 well-recognizable personal injury attorneys who boast decades of collective experience. Managed by the partners and founders Greg Bentley and Keith More, they have collected millions of dollars including some huge one-time settlements like $35 million in a dangerous road conditions case. Greg has been listed in the top 30 plaintiff’s attorneys. Keith can boast the title of the Top Labor and Employment Lawyers by the Daily Journal.

Address: 4931 Birch St, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Bentley & More

More Information on BentleyMore.com

The team has extensive legal experience in handling a variety of cases. They specialize in such practice areas as worker compensation, product liability, motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries, and more. They serve clients across Orange County and represent customers in Irvine. The process starts with a free consultation either online or in-person.


  • Decades of combined experience;
  • Multi-million victories;
  • Prestigious titles ad awards.

Latest achievements:

  • $67,000,000 personal injury verdict;
  • $44,100,000 settlement for a personal injury and worker compensation;
  • $12,000,000 wrongful death.

26. Gill Law Group

Gill Law Group is a local-based Irvine boutique law firm that provides legal representation with a focus on every client. Local attorneys deliver legal assistance across Orange County and handle cases that refer to personal injuries and family law. A car accident lawyer Raja Gill is the company’s founder and leading specialist. He has a small team of legal experts who specialize in car accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, premises liability, divorce, domestic violence, and many other law fields.

Address: 2301 Dupont Dr #525, Irvine, CA 92612

Gill Law Group

More Information on TheGillFirm.com

Raja Gill is a recognizable lawyer with years of legal practice in Irvine and throughout Orange County. He has multiple honors established by prestigious law organizations in addition to other awards that include Top 40 under 40 and Top 100 Lawyers. Raja was named a Rising Star and boasts a perfect AVVO rating in addition to numerous testimonials from satisfied clients.


  • Irvine-based boutique law firm;
  • Consultations directly with the lawyer;
  • Prestigious awards and memberships.

Additional benefits:

  • A video library with family law and personal injury issues explained.

27. Hodes Milman

Having a team of experienced car accident lawyers and trial attorneys, Hodes Milman appears to be a trusted and well-known law firm with representation in Irvine. The company delivers legal help to those who suffered from others’ negligence and have their backs in a tight corner because of the tough financial and health situation. Managing partners Daniel M. Hodes and Jeffrey A. Milman have been in business for more than 30 years, while the entire team boasts more than 100 years of collective experience.

Address: 9210 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618

Hodes Milman

More Information on VerdictVictory.com

A local team of associates and trial attorneys managed to collect over $200 million in settlements and judgments. The list of awards includes 65 different titles and honors. The range of law fields local lawyers specialize in includes auto accidents, elder abuse, medical malpractice, personal injuries, and product liability. Clients may claim a 100% free consultation to discuss the case and work out a winning strategy.


  • More than 100 years of combined experience;
  • 30 years in business;
  • 65 prestigious titles and awards.

Latest achievements:

  • $550,000 injury in a car accident;
  • $375,000 motorcycle accident;
  • $871,919 wrongful death.

28. Law Offices of Brent A. Duque

The Law Offices of Brent A. Duque guarantees legal representation for clients in 4 different locations including Irvine. They consider clients first and offer custom-tailored strategies to get the maximum possible settlement despite the case complexity. This is how the local team managed to achieve a 98% success rate in addition to numerous positive testimonials from happy clients.

Address: 3300 Irvine Ave #225, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Law Offices of Brent A. Duque

More Information on DuqueLaw.com

The pool of legal experts consists of 9 specialists including the founder and the president Brent A. Duque. He manages a team of attorneys, case managers, and paralegals to handle different cases that vary from car accidents and animal attacks to premises liability, construction accidents, medical malpractice, and other types of personal injuries.


  • No recovery, no fees;
  • Free no-obligation consultations;
  • A team of nine experienced pros.

Additional benefits:

  • A huge blog with dozens of useful articles and legal matters explained.

29. Mazarei Law Group

The law firm is the brainchild of Tannaz Mazarei. She is the funder and leading personal injury attorney with a team of four experienced lawyers. Ms. Mazarei started her legal career back in 1997 after obtaining a license to deliver legal services across California. For more than 15 years, she has been helping victims of someone else’s negligence. Together with her teammates, she specializes in different practice areas that include not only car accidents and personal injuries but also civil litigation, corporate/transaction law, and many other law fields.

Address: 18881 Von Karman Ave #1620, Irvine, CA 92612

Mazarei Law Group

More Information on MazareiLaw.com

A local team has broad expertise to provide help to medical and dental specialists with a deep understanding of their legal and business needs. Tannaz has memberships in various charitable organizations and professional legal associations, which proves her high level of expertise.


  • More than 15 years of legal practice;
  • State Bar association in 1997;
  • A broad practice area coverage.


  • No case results are listed on the website.

30. Law Office of John F. Christl

John F. Christl is a trusted and recognizable trial attorney. He has almost 3 decades of trial experience with thousands of cases won and millions recovered for his customers. Although criminal defense was one of his main specializations, John and his team successfully handle other practice areas that include personal injuries, car accidents, violent crimes, frauds, thefts, domestic violence, and other law fields.

Address: 5015 Birch St UNIT 121, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Law Office of John F. Christl

More Information on JohnChristlAttorney.com

Mr. Christl oasts a perfect reputation in addition to numerous positive reviews. He has a perfect 10.0 AVVO rating along with other prestigious honors and awards. During his work, John guarantees the most favorable outcome and 100% confidentiality. The American Institute of Criminal Law rated him a Top 10 Attorney. John used to work as a senior district lawyer, which means enormous experience and legal background to handle any case with success.


  • 28 years of flawless reputation;
  • Expert in criminal defense;
  • A recognizable trial attorney.

Additional benefits:

  • The American Institute of Criminal Law rated him a Top 10 Attorney.

31. South Coast Trial Lawyers

South Coast Trial Lawyers is a team of trial attorneys who fight for people’s rights across Orange County. They are not afraid to implement the most aggressive way to pursue the settlement either at the pretrial level or in the courtroom. Jonathan Kwan and Kim Ungar are the two specialists who handle personal injuries and family law promising round-the-clock availability, discounts, special deals, and 100% free consultations to get started with your case.

Address: 19200 Von Karman Ave Suite 400, Irvine, CA 92612

South Coast Trial Lawyers

More Information on SouthCoastTrialLawyers.com

The law firm offers a flexible pricing policy depending on the case you have. Clients may choose from fixed or hourly rates with clear price tags on different legal matters. You will always know the final fee without the need to pay in advance. Services are delivered on a contingency basis. The practice areas Jonathan and Kim specialize in include auto accidents, wrongful death, divorce, spousal support, premises liability, construction accidents, worker compensations, and more.


  • Experiment trial lawyers in Irvine;
  • Legal services across Orange County;
  • Wide range of practice areas to handle.

Latest achievements:

  • $870,000 bicycle accident;
  • $1,260,000 rear-end collision;
  • $1,000,000 workplace accident.

32. Frank Nicholas

Frank Nicholas is a well-established car accident lawyer in Irvine with decades of legal experience and a flawless reputation. Mr. Nicholas is a proven expert when it comes to personal injuries, medical errors, negligence, or employment-related legal matters. He boasts thousands of successful cases he won throughout his long career featuring more than 40 years of practice. If you look for aggressive advocacy and strong legal representation, Frank Nicholas is certainly the one to opt for with his passion to help people and stand up for their rights.

Address: 2020 Main Street, Ste. 770, Irvine, CA 92614

Frank Nicholas

More Information on FrankNicholas.com

Nicholas hands a variety of cases. They may refer to auto accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, personal injuries, worker compensations, and many other practice areas. Frank works with clients on a contingency basis only. It means no upfront or any other fees unless he wins the case. Mr. Nicholas has a track record of some big victories in a trial as well as some huge settlements ad verdicts for his clients.


  • 40 years of legal experience;
  • A well-known Irvine trial attorney;
  • A contingency fee basis.

Additional benefits:

  • Articles and blog section with useful information for victims of others’ negligence.

33. Bruno│Nalu

Bruno│Nalu is a family-owned law firm with a husband and wife in charge of a small but professional legal team of trial and personal injury lawyers. Keith and Angela Bruno manage a tea of 5 attorneys that have been delivering high-quality legal services since 2002. This is the year when the company was founded. For almost two decades, Keith and Angela have been helping victims of others’ negligence without any fear to take complex cases to protect clients at the highest stakes.

Address: 18600 MacArthur Blvd Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92612


More Information on BrunoNalu.com

On the one hand, the firm made a name for itself thanks to more than 100 trial verdicts. With more than 100 years of combined experience, the local team works with the focus only on civil litigations. On the other hand, they work with different legal matters that refer to wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries, product liability, birth injuries, dog bites, school liability, and many other practice areas.


  • Established in 2002;
  • More than 100 trials won;
  • Free consultations 24/7.

Latest achievements:

  • $40,000,000 wrongful death;
  • $12,000,000 slip and fall;
  • $3,600,000 auto accident.

34. The Cifarelli Law Firm

The Cifarelli Law Firm introduces top child abuse attorneys doing their best when pursuing those who abuse, neglect, or molest minors. They deal with all kinds of abuse cases. However, it is not the only specialization of brothers Philip C. Cifarelli and Thomas A. Cifarelli, who are the owners and the managing specialists in their law firm. They specialize in a range of other practice areas that include trucking and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, auto accidents, personal injuries, and many others.

Address: 7700 Irvine Center Dr #150, Irvine, CA 92618

The Cifarelli Law Firm

More Information on CifarelliInjuryLaw.com

A family-owned law office has been in business for decades. Philip and Thomas obtained the reputation of aggressive and merciless trial attorneys who are ready to defend clients’ rights no matter how complex the case may seem. They collected millions of dollars in settlements ad jury verdicts. They serve English and Spanish-speaking clients, while the website offers some useful tips and articles with information that may help to prevent the horrible consequences of others’ negligence.


  • A family-owned law firm in Irvine;
  • Years of trial experience;
  • Millions in settlements and verdicts.

Latest achievements:

  • $11,800,000 medical malpractice;
  • $10,000,000.00 child molestation case;
  • $600,000 auto accident.

35. Law Offices of Mann & Elias

Law Offices of Mann & Elias is the firm that serves clients with offices in Irvine and Beverly Hills. It introduces a team of three dedicated professionals with Imad Elias and Scott Mann in charge of a local attorneys’ team. Together, they boast more than 40 years of legal practice, thousands of cases one, and millions of dollars in settlements. They guarantee zero fees until they win and totally free consultations. Clients are free to request or schedule it either online or on the phone directly with one of the professional car accident lawyers.

Address: 8383 Wilshire Blvd #750, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Law Offices of Mann & Elias

More Information on MannEliasInjuryLaw.com

Imad and Scott have a long history of successful practicing. They handle different cases related to auto accidents, motorcycle and bicycle crashes, slip and fall accidents, premises liability, animal attacks, brain and construction injuries, etc. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. Numerous positive reviews on Yelp and Google prove the high level of expertise delivered by local attorneys.


  • More than 40 years of experience;
  • Offices in Irvine and Los Angeles;
  • A contingency fee basis.

Latest achievements:

  • $3,700,000 product liability;
  • $1,000,000 fall-on-stairs accident;
  • $250,000 scooter accident.

36. Burke Argos

Burke Argos is an Irvine-based team of car accident lawyers. They have been helping people for more than 30 years to pursue the settlement they deserve. Local lawyers never overload themselves with endless cases to keep the balance between a personalized approach and the most favorable outcome for the client. A pool of talented personal injury attorneys with a professional legal staff does its best to pay attention to every detail of the matter and offer the most efficient legal strategy to get a maximum possible settlement.

Address: 9210 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618

Burke Argos

More Information on OCInjury.com

Sean M. Burke and Jason N. Argos are the company’s founders. They are in charge of a dedicated legal team that handles a variety of cases with maximum attention and focus on every issue that may be important. The range of practice areas they work with includes medical malpractice, birth injuries, wrongful death, auto accidents, catastrophic spinal and brain injuries, etc. To keep clients engaged, they offer online and live case evacuation.


  • More than 30 years of experience;
  • Case evaluation online and by phone;
  • Real testimonials and reviews.

Latest achievements:

  • $5,000,000 improper treatment case;
  • $4,342,000 negligent spinal surgery;
  • $2,625,000 brain damage.

37. Law Office of Marshall Silberberg

The Law Office of Marshall Silberberg introduces the top 50 car accident lawyers in Orange County. They serve to protect clients’ rights in Irvine and across the region. The team of dedicated attorneys handles different cases that range from aviation and car accidents to elder abuse, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. They deal with all kinds of personal injuries and medication errors that led to serious injuries or fatalities.

Address: 3333 Michelson Dr #710, Irvine, CA 92612

Law Office of Marshall Silberberg

More Information on SilberbergLaw.com

Marshall Silberberg is the managing partner and the founder of the company that has been in business for more than 15 years. Together with attorneys Kimberly Carasso, William Collins, and Susan Dahlin, they managed to recover more than $500 million in settlements and verdicts. Such great results became possible thanks to strategic thinking and proper preparation for every case with a focus on every detail. All lawyers have an enormous defense background. They establish a personalized approach to ensure invaluable assistance for every victim of others’ negligence or legal injustice.


  • 15 years of recognition and flawless reputation;
  • More than $500 million settled;
  • Top personal injury lawyers.

Latest achievements:

  • $8,800,000 medical malpractice;
  • $8,100,000 catastrophic injury;
  • $5,800,000 wrongful death.

38. Harris | Grombchevsky

Harris | Grombchevsky law firm resulted from an award-winning legal collaboration of Darren M. Harris and Stan A. Grombchevsky. They met back in 2000 when Mr. Harris used to work as a personal injury attorney at Spray Gould & Bowers. They decided to team up and open their own law office that has quickly gained recognition and a good reputation across Orange County. Together, they work with civil claims across Southern California with millions of dollars settled for their clients.

Address: 2070 Business Center Dr Suite 285, Irvine, CA 92612

Harris | Grombchevsky

More Information on LawFirmHG.com

The award-winning legal duo takes different cases from a variety of practice areas. They have proved to deliver enough expertise when handling personal injuries, employment law, civil litigation, workplace sexual harassment, insurance law, and some other law fields. They guarantee a contingency fee basis with no charges until they win the case.


  • Legal practice since 1998;
  • Decades of combined experience;
  • Recognition among clients and lawyers.

Latest achievements:

  • $5,500,000 workplace accident;
  • $3,400,000 police excessive use of force;
  • $2,675,000 off-road vehicle accident.

39. Woods Williford

The company’s founder Briny Woods started his legal career in 1999. He used to work as a defense attorney at a big insurance company. However, he was fed up with fighting against victims of others’ negligence. Briny decided to focus on protecting their rights instead. He has a clear understanding of how hard it can be for victims of personal injuries and car accidents to oppose huge corporations fighting for their rights and the settlements they deserve. For this reason, he started his own law firm back in 2007.

Address: 16520 Bake Pkwy STE 260, Irvine, CA 92618

Woods Williford

More Information on WWInjuryLaw.com

One year after launching his fir, Mr. Woods invited Clayton Williford to join his small but growing legal team. Since that time, they have been handling civil litigations and a range of practice areas including auto accidents, slip and fall, trucking accidents, dog bites, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death. Mr. Williford himself managed to recover more than $35 million in settlements since he joined the team. Today, the company serves clients in Irvine, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino.


  • Established in 2007;
  • Decades of combined experience;
  • Offices in four locations including Irvine.

Additional benefits:

  • The founder worked as a defense attorney for an insurance company. He knows how to win the maximum possible settlement.

40. Lexton

Car accident lawyers at the Lexton Law Firm do not just help to gain the settlement you need but also explain the legal matter and help you understand your rights. You will learn all the obligations and important details that refer to your particular case. The team of experienced trial lawyers has an amazing track record of more than 100 jury trials, What’s more, they collected millions on compensations including six and seven-figure settlement ranges.

Address: 7700 Irvine Center Dr #960, Irvine, CA 92618


More Information on LextonLawFirm.com

Unlike the majority of other companies, Lexton provides success guarantees. They include a contingency fee basis, which means no costs unless they win. Additional benefits include free no-obligation consultations, numerous reviews from satisfied clients, prestigious awards, etc. Local attorneys handle such cases as car and truck accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, premises liability, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and other practice areas.


  • 100 jury trials;
  • Zero fees until they win;
  • Free consultations and case evaluation.

Additional benefits:

  • 5-star reviews for excellent client service.

Car Accident Statistics

While the state government takes drastic measures to decrease the number of car accidents on the roads of California and Irvine in particular, the number of fatalities decreased from 3,884 in 2017 to 3,563 in 2018. However, the situation still looks frightening with more than 36,000 people died on the roads nationwide in 2019.

California takes the leading position by the number of crashes people injured or dead. With such devastating stats, insurance companies sometimes fail to provide enough compensations for victims of others’ negligence. What is more, they often try to take and advantage of their clients reducing the settlement to a minimum. As a result, people are unable to cope with unexpected medical bills. They lose their jobs and wages as well as earning opportunities in case of severe injuries not to mention the horror of losing our dearest ones in a fatal accident.

When a car accident takes place, injured people require support and resources to handle repairing or medical costs. It does not matter how to serve the collision was, all involved drivers may get minor or serious health problems in addition to property damage, lost wages, earning opportunities, and other consequences.

Fatal accidents are the most terrifying thing for families and relatives who lost their dearest ones because of someone’s negligence. With no help or support, people are left stranded and let down by insurance companies. The only way to oppose them and get the compensation you deserve is to hire a trusted car accident lawyer in Irvine.

What to Do After the Accident

Getting in a car crash can be terrifying and confusing. It is hard to stay coldblooded and take wise decisions. However, there is still something you can do to guarantee proper settlement. The following steps will ensure simple case handling while being ell-prepared for the process:

  1. Determine Injuries – a critical task you need to complete first. It is better to call the ambulance or consult the doctor right at once. Even if you do not feel hurt, it may be due to shock and result in more serious health problems later. Pains and sufferings are a common consequence of even minor accidents. So, have all the injuries officially stated.
  2. Claim a Police Report – in California, getting a police report is not obligatory. On the other hand, it provides a clear accident scene with all the parties involved and guilty drivers identified. Call the police and get the one if possible.
  3. Clear the Scene – after you get a report, move the vehicle from the road if possible not to create obstacles for other drivers. Safety is the priority for every person operating the vehicle as well as following the Duty of Care.
  4. Exchange Personal Info – according to state law, drivers are obliged to exchange personal information. It includes a full name, address, business and residence contact information, policy number insurance company, information about the vehicle, etc.
  5. Find Witnesses – try to find people who may have seen the accident. Collect their contact information to get in touch then initiating the claim.

It is good when a guilty driver has enough insurance coverage. But what to do if he or she is uninsured or has only minor coverage? Have no worries, you may still get the settlement you deserve.

Steps to Claim the Insurance

It does not matter how serious the accident is. Every party involved has a right to claim compensation from the insurance company regardless of injury severity. In case of minor injuries, the majority of people agree on the immediate settlement offered by insurance adjusters without understanding they could get much more.

Victims tend to hire car accident lawyers only when seriously injured. This also happens in case of a fatal crash. This is when car accident lawyers will take the case and handle the claim. It may involve pretrial settlements when an insurance company accepts the offered compensation or in the courtroom. This happens when insurance adjusters turn off the offer from your lawyer.

So, you need to find an attorney with a trial background and a track record of jury cases. The majority of law firms do not rush to go to the courtroom and try to settle down the case at a pretrial level. Trusted attorneys are never afraid to present your legal matter to the jury. In our list, you will find trial lawyers with enormous experience and a high success rate.

Tips to Deal with Uninsured Drivers

It is a common thing when a guilty party may not carry insurance or is underinsured (it means a minimum coverage). However, it does not mean a victim is not able to count on proper compensation. According to state law, injured drivers may still claim toe full coverage from their own insurance policies. Companies are obliged to provide enough settlement even if the injured person does not carry insurance.

However, in this case, the final sum will be determined by the liability and injuries caused by another driver’s negligence. The only problem is that you will still need to prove that his or her negligence appeared to be the direct cause of her injury.

Types of Negligence Explained

To clarify, how much you may get, it is important to identify the type of negligence. It refers to the cause of car accidents and can be either minor or serious. As a rule, all types of negligence refer to unsafe and reckless driving. On the other hand, they differ when it comes to the consequences of negligent vehicle operating. So, the main types are as follows:

  • Exceeding speed limits;
  • Texting messages or phoning when operating the vehicle;
  • Driving n an aggressive manner neglecting traffic rules;
  • Driving under the drug or alcohol influence;
  • Driving with a lack of attention to the road conditions.

Of course, not all car accidents result from drivers’ negligence. Causes can involve defective spare parts, inappropriate weather and road conditions, etc. Only a thorough investigation will help to determine the core reason for the accident as well as the final verdict for the victim.

Determining Parties’ Liability

The case becomes more complex when several drivers are involved in the same accident. The main mission here is to determine the level of each party’s liability properly. Happily, the accident or negligence type in according to the Californian state law does not determine it. In other words, the guilty driver is fully responsible for the injury no matter if the negligence was minor or severe.

How A Lawyer Can Help

As you can see, claiming the settlement yourself can be tricky, especially taking into account insurance adjusters who try to take advantage and use the lack of knowledge against the victim when reducing the compensation. Even if you have enough skills, patience, and background, you will need to focus on medical and repair bills as well as on recovery. We should mention lost earning opportunities, wages, or jobs. It will create additional obstacles on your way back to normal life.

Car accident lawyers will handle each stage of the legal process from investigating and finding witnesses to negotiating the insurance or even representing you in the courtroom. All you need is to choose a law firm and schedule a free consultation without obligations. Professional attorneys will do the rest without charging upfront fees or additional costs unless they win the case. Save your time, nerves, and let professionals collect the sum you expect.

Jul 1, 2024