40 Oakland Car Accident Lawyers

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Being injured in a car accident is always a nightmare even in case of minor damages. Insurance companies spend millions of dollars to pay lawyers, who try to minimize the sum of the settlement by all means. As a result, you get less than you really deserve. This is where car accident lawyers will stand up for your rights and gain maximum possible recovery. They will either negotiate the satisfying compensation or take your case to the court if the insurance company does not plan to pull back.

With a professional lawyer on your side, you gain not only reputation or legal practice. You put decades of real-life litigating experience on your side. There are plenty of law firms and offices in Oakland that guarantee not only an individual approach but also a custom-tailored strategy based on previous experience.

We have conducted the list of 40 car accident lawyers in Oakland featuring some of the most reputable, well-known, and experienced specialists with a perfect reputation across the state.

1. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is one of the most recognizable law firms with offices in Southern California, Central Coast, and the Bay Area. It delivers full-scale legal services not only in Oakland, but also in all major cities across the state including Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego, and many others. Founded by Ryan D. Harris, the team managed to help thousands of victims, who suffered from other’s negligence. Local car accident lawyers have recovered more than $300 million in settlements and judgments.

Address: 409 13th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Harris Personal Injury

More Information on HarrisPersonalInjury.com

As stated earlier, Ryan D. Harris is the founder and the managing attorney. He has a team of more than 30 experienced and well-educated attorneys. They specialize in a variety of practice areas and help people, who suffered from car accidents, dog bites, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, pedestrian injuries, and more. Together, they have won more than 5,000 cases and recovered millions on behalf of their victims.

Harris Car Accident Lawyers

The main idea is to provide personalized legal services. While being a high-volume law office featuring a growing legal team with representations across the state, lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers never handle more than one case at a time. It guarantees a positive outcome as well as the compensation you deserve. The company boasts numerous prestigious awards and memberships in Million Dollar Advocate Forum and other legal associations.


  • More than 10 years in the legal business;
  • Over 30 dedicated attorneys at your services;
  • Offices across the state including Bay Area and Southern California;
  • More than $300 mill.

Total recoveries:

  • More than $300 million in settlements and verdicts.

2. Silver Law Firm – 24 Years of Legal Practice

Silver Law Firm was founded by a former assistant public defender Elliot Silver. He started his legal career more than 24 years ago. Elliot boasts an enormous experience in helping people in case of car accidents and personal injuries. Today, he has a small but professional team of attorneys including himself, his partner Negad Zaky, and senior paralegal Jocelyn Sandoval. Together, they handle a variety of cases and specialize in such practice areas as car and truck accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, bus accidents, and so on.

Address: 1211 Embarcadero #200, Oakland, CA 94606

Silver Law Firm

More Information on ESilverLaw.com

The legal team boasts decades of combined experience. They made a name for themselves as aggressive and passionate litigators not only in Oakland but also across the Bay Area. Local attorneys have enough expertise to handle a different case that refers to other law fields including immigration, criminal defense, professional license defense, and some others.

Silver Law

Clients may count on full-cycle legal support. It means that local specialists will take care of every process from investigating the case, looking for witnesses and pieces of evidence, negotiate the settlement at the pretrial level, or represent you in the courtroom. They will do their best to result in the most favorable verdict and gain maximum condensation. You may schedule a free no-obligation consultation on the phone or using the Live Chat feature.


  • Dedicated and well-known attorneys;
  • More than 24 years of legal experience;
  • Specialization in various law fields.

Additional benefits

  • The founder has a huge experience working as an assistant public defender as well as a trial attorney.

3. GJEL Accident Attorneys – $1 Billion Recovered

GJEL Accident Attorneys is a low-volume firm with a flawless reputation and representation in different cities across the state. They also serve clients in Oakland delivering high-end legal assistance to those who suffered from someone else’s negligence. If the insurance company tries to take advantage of you, local car accident lawyers are always here to help. The legal team consists of 5 dedicated specialists with the founder and the leading lawyer Andy Gillin. Together, they handle various practice areas that range from motorcycle and pedestrian accidents to catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, etc.

Address: 11 Embarcadero West #133, Oakland, CA 94607

GJEL Accident Attorneys

More Information on GJEL.com

The company has a growing legal team that follows the one-and-only concept – never handle more than one case at a time. They guarantee individual approach and detail to every small thing in the case. Andy Gillin and his team are represented in 14 different locations across California including Oakland. They managed to recover millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts featuring several multi-million judgments that made the law office gain a good reputation fast.

GJEL Oakland

With each car accident lawyer, you will put an aggressive litigation manner to oppose insurance companies on your side in addition to decades of collective experience. Clients are free to submit case details online using a simple contact form or contact a lawyer directly on the phone. What’s more, they offer a free Car Accident Guide that you can download and gain useful information.


  • Almost $1 billion in settlements and verdicts;
  • A professional team of 5 car accident lawyers;
  • 14 offices across California.

Latest achievements:

  • $13,600,000 wrongful death of a spouse;
  • $8,000,000 pedestrian hit by a bus;
  • $6,225,000 motorcycle killed by a farm tractor.

4. Kleczek Law Office

Kleczek Law Office is a local Oakland-based law office with an experienced and dedicated car accident lawyer in charge. The main mission of the firm is to ensure result-driven negotiation and litigation to help victims of others’ negligence when gaining the settlement they deserve. David Kleczek founded his company back in 2002. Today, he boasts almost two decades of practice in addition to more than $20 million recovered for his clients. David is known for his aggressive approach and unique philosophy. He works on every case as if he plans to take it to trial. It ensures the most favorable outcome.

Address: 825 Washington St #301, Oakland, CA 94607

Kleczek Law Office

More Information on KleczekInjuryLaw.com

The major practice areas handled mainly refer to motor vehicle accidents and injury law. David is ready to help in case of auto and aviation accidents, animal attacks, nursing home negligence, pedestrian injuries, product liability, wrongful death, and many others. The services are delivered on a contingency basis, which means you do not have to pay unless David wins the case. What’s more, clients may claim a free consultation without signing anything. You may also contact the lawyer directly and visit his conveniently-located office in Oakland.


  • Almost 20 years of experience;
  • Broad coverage of practice areas;
  • Specialization in accident and injury law;
  • More than $20 million recovered in settlements.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,380,000 work truck accident;
  • $1,000,000 wrongful death;
  • $600,000 slip and fall injury.

5. Spencer Young Law

Spencer Young Law is one of the most trusted and recognizable law firms in Oakland. Established in 2006, it introduces the founder and the leading car accident lawyer Spencer C. Young. He has is known as an experienced and successful attorney to handle various types of cases. They refer not only to motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries but also to employment law, worker compensation, civil rights, and other practice areas. The main philosophy of the company is to listen, hear, and win. This is how Spencer helps his clients gain the compensation they deserve.

Address: 1300 Clay St #600, Oakland, CA 94612

Spencer Young Law

More Information on SpencerYoungLaw.com

Spencer C. Young has vast experience in legal practice not only as a negotiator to fight insurance companies back at the pretrial level. He also serves at the state and deferral laws making a reputation of a professional trial attorney. He has a small but professional legal team based in Oakland. However, they help clients in the Bay Area and across California. Spencer has enough expertise to take care of different fields that also refer to discrimination, overtime violation, harassment, and other law fields.


  • Established in 2006;
  • Professional Oakland-based legal team;
  • Experienced trial attorneys.

Additional benefits:

  • Expertise in a variety of law fields and practice areas.

6. The Barnes Firm

The Barnes Firm is a team of experienced attorneys who are mainly specialized in car accidents and personal injury cases. The firm has a strong representation in New York with offices located across California and particularly in Oakland. The company boasts decades of combined experience in addition to millions of dollars recovered over the years. The track record involves thousands of cases and satisfied clients who managed to gain the compensation they expected.

Address: 555 12th St Suite #1470, Oakland, CA 94607

The Barnes Firm

More Information on TheBarnesFirm.com

Top-notch specialists in their fields represent the legal team. They include not only attorneys and paralegals but also accident reconstruction engineers, investigators, vocational specialists, and many others. They all work as a team to help you gain the settlement you deserve. All attorneys at The Barnes Firm have extensive knowledge and education in the field of accident and injury law. Steve Barnes is the founder and the spiritual leader with decades of personal experience and millions of dollars collected.


  • Offices n New York and the Bay Area;
  • A versatile team of experts in different fields;
  • Decades of combined experience.

Latest achievements:

  • $7,000,000 motorcycle accident case;
  • $2,800,000 bus accident victim;
  • $2,000,000 farming accident victim.

7. Law Offices Of John E. Hill

The Law Offices Of John E. Hill is one of the longest-running and trusted firms in the Bay Area and Oakland in particular. It has been delivering high-class legal services across Southern California for more than 40 years. John E. Hill is the company’s founder with more than 35 years of legal practice. He formed a strong team of eight dedicated attorneys, who specialize in a variety of fields from worker compensation, to injury law and motor vehicle accidents.

Address: 333 Hegenberger Rd #500, Oakland, CA 94621

Law Offices Of John E. Hill

More Information on Hill-Law-Offices.com

It does not matter if you were injured at work or because of others’ negligence on the road, a local team of experts with John E. Hill is always here to help. Apart from Oakland, they work with clients in San Francisco, Fremont, and Hayward. You may claim a free consultation using a simple Live Chat feature or call one of the attorneys directly using the phone. Once you have described your case in detail, you will be assigned an expert, who specializes in your particular area.


  • More than 40 years of practice;
  • One of the longest-running firms in Oakland;
  • A team of 8 dedicated attorneys.

Latest achievements:

  • $4,700,000 pedestrian auto accident;
  • $1,250,000 construction injury;
  • $1,650,000 product liability.

8. Boxer & Gerson

Launched as a small personal injury law office back in 1977, Boxer & Gerson has eventually grown into a recognizable and trusted company with representations across the state. Local car accident attorneys and specialists in worker compensations have been serving clients throughout the Bay Area for many decades. They proved to have enough qualifications to handle not only injuries at work but also all kind s of motor vehicle accidents as well as personal injuries in a variety of forms and severity.

Address: 300 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza #500, Oakland, CA 94612

Boxer & Gerson

More Information on BoxerLaw.com

A growing legal team introduces 21 passionate attorneys who are ready to fight for clients’ rights and oppose insurance companies no matter how complex the case looks like. With founders and managing attorneys Stewart N. Boxer and Michael G. Gerson n charge, the office has more than 100 union partners. Together, they handled over 43,000 cases and helped thousands of people get back to normal life. To initiate the process. You only need to reach out, provide case details, and let local lawyers take care of the rest.


  • More than 40 years in business;
  • 21 dedicated attorneys at your service;
  • Over 43,000 cases won.

Latest achievements:

  • $2,700,000 severe back injury.

9. Winer, Burritt & Scott

If you are looking for premier and nationally recognized law firm with representation in Oakland, Winer, Burritt & Scott is definitely the one to opt for. With senior attorney John D. Winer and the managing partner Erika Scott, the team of lawyers introduces the team of nine passionate and dedicated attorneys, who deliver high-quality legal assists to clients across California. The company has an extra pool of legal assistance and managers, who pay attention to every detail in the case. With more than 60 years in business, the firm managed to recover more than $225 million in settlements and verdicts.

Address: 1999 Harrison St #600, Oakland, CA 94612

Winer, Burritt & Scott

More Information on WMLawyers.com

Established in 1980, the office boasts a team with more than 6 decades of collective experience. They are proven experts when handling a variety of practice areas with a focus on auto accidents, personal injuries, insurance bad faith, truck accidents, employment law, sexual abuse, and harassment, etc. The website has a comprehensive knowledgebase with tons of useful material available in publications, blog posts, video tutorials, case results, and real testimonials.


  • 60 years of collective experience;
  • Established in 1980;
  • More than $225 million in settlements and judgments.

Latest achievements:

  • $7,130,000 medical malpractice;
  • $6,800,000 sexual abuse;
  • $5,600,000 defective forklift resulted in paralysis.

10. Dolan Law Firm

Chris Dolan is one of the most recognizable and experienced trial attorneys in California. He founded the Dolan Law Firm to help victims of others’ negligence and represent clients both at the pretrial level and in the courtroom. Chris has built a strong legal team with 15 dedicated attorneys, who specialize in a variety of practice areas from civil rights, employment law, abuse, car accidents, personal injuries, fire la, and many other fields.

Address: 1498 Alice St, Oakland, CA 94612

Dolan Law Firm

More Information on DolanLawFirm.com

The team gained recognition after winning some of the most challenging lawsuits in state history. They collected hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients in settlements and verdicts. What’s more, they appear to be some of the most skillful and qualified trial attorneys with numerous prestigious awards and honors. They include the Year Award established by California Lawyer magazine and some others.


  • Best trail attorneys in the Bay Area;
  • 15 dedicated lawyers;
  • Hundreds of millions recovered.

Latest achievements:

  • $61,000,000 racial discrimination;
  • $20,000,000 wrongful death;
  • $6,500,000 motorcycle accident.

11. Compass Law Group

Compass Law Group is a premier Californian law firm with offices in Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other locations across the state. It introduces a team of experienced attorneys with decades of collective experience, 5-star reviews on Google, and numerous prestigious awards. Local attorneys are here to represent you in case of car accidents, catastrophic injuries, and other practice areas. They work with families that lost their dearest ones because of wrongful death. You do not need to pay for the legal service unless lawyers win the case and gain a settlement for you.

Address: 1901 Harrison St #1100, Oakland, CA 94612

Compass law firm

More Information on CMPLawGroup.com

Simon Esfandi and Joseph Shirazi, who are leading attorneys, founded the company. For many years, they have been working as civil rights defenders. They have won thousands of cases and recovered millions in compensations. Simon and Joseph gained recognition after winning a set of honorable titles including Top 40 under 40, Top 100 lawyers, and more.


  • Zero fees unless they win;
  • Offices in major cities across California;
  • Over 100 positive reviews on Google.


  • No case results are displayed on the website.

12. iAccident Lawyer

Donald Stevenson is the founder and the managing lawyer at iAccident Lawyer. He has decades of practice experience and more than $120 million collected on behalf of his clients. Donald has built a small team of dedicated professionals, who deliver services with a focus on clients’ needs. The company has offices in Oakland, San Diego, and some other locations across the state. The pool of attorneys consists of well-educated experts, who specialize in all kinds of motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries in addition to tort and civil law.

Address: 344 20th St, Oakland, CA 94612

iAccident Lawyer Oakland

More Information on iAccidentLawyer.com

The range of practice areas is very wide. It includes car and bus accidents, brain injuries, animal attacks, construction accidents, and more, With any of the local lawyers, you will put more than 30 years of legal experience on your side. Clients are welcome to consult the expert live 24/7. You may use a simple contact form or talk to an attorney on the phone. They guarantee free no-obligation consultations and zero fees unless they win.


  • More than 30 years of collective experience;
  • $120 million recovered in settlements;
  • Round-the-clock support.

Latest achievements:

  • $475,000 pedestrian hit by an ambulance;
  • $575,000 car accident resulted in the neck injury;
  • $12,650,000 truck vs car accident.

13. The Law Offices of Edward C. Casey Jr.

Ed Casey, Jr. founded his law office to collect settlements for victims of personal injury cases. With the head office in Oakland, Ed represents injured people across the Bay Area. He made a name for himself not only as a dedicated car accident lawyer but also as a law lecturer and author of popular publications in major live and online establishments. He has a deep understanding of the injury law and the way insurance companies try to take advantage of his clients. It ensures case success and the settlement you deserve.

Address: 600 Grand Ave #305, Oakland, CA 94610

The Law Offices of Edward C. Casey Jr.

More Information on EdCaseyLaw.com

As stated earlier, personal injuries are the main specialization of Mr. Casye and his small but experienced team of lawyers. They are involved in a variety of practice areas that range from car accidents and traumatic injuries to burns, defective products, and more. They will accept your case no matter how big the settlement can be.


  • Local-based Oakland law firm;
  • The founder is also the lecturer and author;
  • Personal injury law-oriented team of attorneys.

Latest achievements:

  • $18,500,000 brain injury;
  • $6,700,000 wrongful death;
  • $250,000 class-action consumer fraud.

14. Kerley Schaffer

Kerley Schaffer is a law firm with a team of 9 dedicated attorneys and legal assistants based in Oakland. They all specialize in personal injury cases as well as represent clients in such practice areas as insurance bad faith. They work with ordinary people despite the background or social position. The main mission is to achieve the most favorable outcome and gain compensation to bring you back to normal life as soon as possible.

Address: 1939 Harrison St #500, Oakland, CA 94612

Kerley Schaffer

More Information on KerleySchaffer.com

Edward Kerley and Dylan Schaffer are in charge of a small but dedicated local team that specializes in car and truck accidents, class actions, personal injuries, bad faith insurance, and more. Together, they managed to recover millions of dollars on their clients’ behalf. They also provide additional assistance to get you needed medical assistance and care. All services are delivered on a contingency basis.


  • 9 local based attorneys;
  • Specialization in personal injuries;
  • Millions of dollars in settlements.

Latest achievements:

  • $2,730,010 trail verdict;
  • $3,000,000 confidential settlement before lawsuit.

15. Heinrich Law

Marjorie Heinrich is a well-known personal injury attorney with decades of legal practice. She founded the Heinrich Law in 2015. Although it is pretty new to the business if compared to longest-running offices, it has gained recognition among clients and other specialists. With more than 30 years of collective experience, the local tam introduces Marjorie Heinrich and two of her colleagues Ethan Wimert and Andrea Searby. Together, they specialize in different fields including wrongful death, personal injuries, and car accidents.

Address: 1900 Powell St Suite 450, Emeryville, CA 94608

Heinrich Law

More Information on HeinrichLaw.net

Despite the small age, the law office has helped hundreds of clients to recover the expected settlement and cope with treatment and repair bills. Marjorie and her team boast a track record of award-winning settlements and verdicts over 30 years of outstanding legal representation. Clients have a chance to schedule an in-person or virtual online free consultation with one of the team representatives.


  • More than 30 years of experience;
  • A team of 3 experienced attorneys;
  • Huge settlements and verdicts.

Latest achievements:

  • $3,500,000 slip and fall;
  • $1,680,000 Big Rig accident;
  • $1,100,000 pedestrian hit by a truck.

16. David G. Smith, Attorney At Law

David G. Smith is an attorney at law, who is here to handle your insurance claim while you try to get back to normal life after the car accident or personal injury. Unlike the majority of other advocates, who usually ignore their clients, David has proved to be a responsive and honest case accident lawyer with a flawless reputation not only in Oakland but also across the state. He has a team with more than 40 years of experience in helping people to handle their medical bills, property damage, vehicle repair costs, and more.

Address: 2201 Broadway Penthouse 1, Oakland, CA 94612

David G. Smith, Attorney At Law

More Information on DaveSmithLaw.com

Mr. Smith and his experienced legal staff have been representing clients in different cases. They specialize in a variety of practice areas that include car and truck accidents, motor and bicycle accidents, premises liability, fatalities, pedestrian injuries, construction car accidents, and others. The firm collected millions on judgments and settlements with several huge multi-million dollar compensations before the trial.


  • More than 40 years of legal practice;
  • Millions of dollars in settlements;
  • Honest and dedicated attorneys.

Latest achievements:

  • $ 4,515,000 pedestrian hit by a pickup truck;
  • $700,000 trip and fall accident;
  • $515,000 auto accident.

17. Law Office of Weltin, Streb & Weltin

Attorneys at the Law Office of Weltin, Streb & Weltin have been defending victims of others’ negligence in a trial starting from 1972. The team boasts enormous experience while the track record highlights thousands of successful cases and millions of dollars recovered. Above all, clients may count on 100% free consultation and case evaluation with no obligations. A wide range of practice areas includes not only typical car accidents and personal injuries but also more complicated cases that refer to maritime injuries, worker compensations, and some others.

Address: 1432 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94612

Law Office of Weltin, Streb & Weltin

More Information on WeltinLaw.com

The law firm introduces an award-winning legal trio with decades of experience onboard. Philip R. Weltin is the company’s founder and spiritual leader. He launched his law office back in 1972. Philip is one of the most experienced trial lawyers in California. Patrick B. Streb specializes in maritime worker compensation and boats with more than 25 years of legal experience. David B. Weltin joined the team back in 2005. He is a proven expert in personal injury law and car accidents.


  • Established in 1972;
  • Thousands of cases won;
  • An experienced team of trial attorneys.

Additional benefits:

  • Prestigious awards and titles including Top 40 under 40, Super Lawyers, California Applicants’ Attorney Association, and others.

18. Cutter Law

Cutter Law introduces a pool of 9 aggressive, passionate, and energetic car accident lawyers, who represent clients in Oakland and Sacramento. The company works with individuals and groups when claiming insurance and handling a variety of cases not only in Oakland but also across the country. A team of licensed attorneys specializes in different practice areas that include car accidents, class actions, birth injuries, fire insurance, employment law, personal injuries, and a variety of other legal areas.

Address: 4179 Piedmont Ave 3rd Floor, Oakland, CA 94611

Cutter Law

More Information on CutterLaw.com

Brooks Cutter is the founder of the company. He is also a managing attorney with main specializations that include consumer justice, personal injuries, and some more. Brooks boasts decades of legal experience in addition to millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. He has a team of 8 more lawyers, who deliver legal services in Oakland and Sacramento. The services include zero-fee consultation and a contingency basis for any case.


  • 9 professional lawyers on your side;
  • Decades of experience;
  • A wide range of practice areas.

Latest achievements:

  • Confidential settlement against Johnson & Johnson;
  • Refunds for purchasing Facebook credits.

19. Bonjour, Thorman, Burns &Dahm

If you look for a law office with a broad representation across the state in addition to high ethical standards, professionalism, excellent reputation, Bonjour, Thorman, Burns & Dahm is certainly the right firm to opt for. It introduces a pool of experts not only in personal injuries and car accidents but also in other law fields including criminal defense. Clients may count on exceptional case results with the most positive outcome and compensation they deserve. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer directly.

Address: 1901 Harrison St #1100, Oakland, CA 94612

Bonjour, Thorman, Burns &Dahm

More Information on BonjourAndThorman.com

Here we have an example of one of the longest-running and recognizable law firms not only in Oakland but across the state. It was established in 1973, which means decades of experience in handling a variety of cases that refer to such practice areas as vehicle accidents, wrongful death, abuse cases, serious injuries, animal attacks, and many others. What’s more, here we have some proven experts in the field of criminal defense. All lawyers have a perfect AV rating and numerous prestigious titles.


  • Legal services since 1973;
  • Expertise in personal injuries and criminal defense;
  • Perfect AV rating and other awards.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,500,000 head-on collision;
  • $983,000 slip & fall injury;
  • $550,000 sexual abuse.

20. Law Offices of Richard J. Baskin

If you need to file a personal injury or car accident lawsuit, you will need to select the right lawyer. Attorneys at Law Offices of Richard J. Baskin will help you recover everything you lost because of someone else’s negligence. With 28 years of legal experience on their side, they will do everything possible to get compensation for every damage and potential loss you may suffer in the future. This is what makes the company stand out from the majority of other law offices in Oakland.

Address: 1 Kaiser Plaza #2300, Oakland, CA 94612

Law Offices of Richard J. Baskin

More Information on RJBaskin.com

Richard J. Baskin is the founder and the managing attorney with almost 3 decades of legal practice. He does his best and uses all possible resources to seek compensation for every client despite the background or social position. Richard is a proven expert in such fields as personal injuries, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, and some more. He collected millions in judgments and settlements. Some of his best results are highlighted on the website and free to access.


  • 28 years of legal experience;
  • Personal injuries as the only practice area to focus on;
  • Super Lawyer title since 2006.

Latest achievements:

  • $4,850,000 wrongful death;
  • $3,750,000 brain injury;
  • $1,700,000 bicycle accidents in Oakland.

21. Beahm Law

Attorneys at Beahm Law will never leave you alone when facing unexpected financial and health obstacles because of someone else’s negligence. It is a premier law office with representations across the state including Oakland. Local experts follow the latest trends and deliver high-end legal assistance even in the face of the pandemic. Clients will benefit from free virtual consultations with local experts in addition to individual approaches and attention to every detail of the case.

Address: 1721 Broadway #201, Oakland, CA 94612

Beahm Law

More Information on BeahmLaw.com

Jason Beahm and Jennifer Bolen are in charge of a small but professional legal team. Jason has funded the company to help people handle any case with experienced professionals on their side. Local lawyers specialize in a variety of fields ranging from car accidents and personal injuries to criminal defense and other practice areas. They are available 24/7 to discuss your case at no cost.


  • Free online consultations;
  • Round-the-clock legal support;
  • Expertise in criminal defense.

Additional benefits:

  • Excellent reputation proved by more than 100 positive reviews.

22. Venardi Zurada

Venardi Zurada is a team of experienced Oakland-based personal injury lawyers, who serve clients also in Walnut Creek and Redding. They have been helping people get back what they lost for many years and recovered more than $100 million in settlements and judgments. The team includes a pool of qualified car accident lawyers and experts, who specialize in medical malpractice, wrongful death, maritime injuries, and employment law.

Address: 1418 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA 94612

Venardi Zurada

More Information on VZLawFirm.com

The pool of legal experts consists of 6 dedicated lawyers with Mark Vernardi and Martin Zurada in charge. Together with three other attorneys, they helped thousands of clients and recovered millions on their behalf. Additionally, the legal staff includes 6 more specialists including paralegals, office managers, and investigators to ensure full-cycle legal services are delivered on a contingency basis. It means zero cost unless they win.


  • Oakland-based law firm;
  • 6 dedicated lawyers at your service;
  • More than $100 million recovered.

Latest achievements:

  • $4,900,000 arbitration award;
  • $2,000,000 auto accident;
  • $2,600,000 insurance bad faith.

23. The Ward Firm

The Ward Firm is the place where every client is treated like a part of the family. It means a personalized approach to every case no matter how complex or easy it may seem from the start. Justin Ward is the company’s founder and managing lawyer. He is well-aware of the legal process from different sides. Justin worked as a prosecutor. He also worked as an attorney in the insurance company. Today, he delivers high-quality assistance with a focus on clients’ needs. He does his best to ensure maximum possible compensation.

Address: 1970 Broadway Suite 260, Oakland, CA 94612

The Ward Firm

More Information on JLWardFirm.com

Mr. Ward has a small local-based team of legal experts. At the same time, he handles every case himself and never accepts more than one case at a time. Apart from Oakland, he helps people in Sacramento. The range of practice areas includes different kinds of motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries, criminal defense, and employment law.


  • Years of legal experience;
  • Former prosecutor and insurance defender;
  • Office in Oakland and Sacramento.

Additional benefits:

  • Expertise in criminal defense and employment law.

24. Mitchell Law Firm

To stand up against insurance companies and huge corporations is to have a dedicated attorney on your side. You will find the one at Mitchell Law Firm. The local team delivers full-cycle legal services in Oakland and across the Bay Area. Tab Mitchell is the founder and the managing attorney. Tab has years of in-depth experience in handling complicated personal injury and car accident cases. Mr. Mitchell devoted his life to defending clients. He has been providing legal assistance since 1984.

Address: 1300 Clay St #600, Oakland, CA 94612

Mitchell Law Firm

More Information on TMLFAccidentAttorney.com

Tab was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident at the age of 19. Total costs for the medical and other bills grew up to $500,000. The situation has determined his future career and devotion. He knows exactly how to oppose insurance companies and gain the settlement you deserve. The range of practice areas includes boat and aircraft accidents, child injuries, bicycle accidents, mediation, premises liability, and others.


  • Legal services since 1983;
  • Conveniently located offices;
  • Managing attorney with real-life injury experience.

Latest achievements:

  • $3,265,000 auto accident;
  • $1,000,000 brain injury in a car accident;
  • $2,000,000 aircraft accident.

25. The Choyce Law Firm

At the Choyce Law Firm, they understand all challenges and obstacles, a person has to face after a traffic accident or a personal injury. What’s more, they do know how hard it is to oppose huge corporations and insurance companies that try to reduce or minimize the settlement you really deserve. Experienced attorneys are here to defend your rights and put decades of legal practice, thousands of successful cases, and huge multi-million dollar verdicts on your side.

The Choyce Law Firm

More Information on ChoyceLawFirm.com

Dionne E. Choyce is the founder and leading attorney in the company. He gained the reputation of a passionate and dedicated defender with an in-depth experience in such practice areas as personal injuries, criminal defense, DUI, car accidents, traffic tickets, and many others.


  • A well-recognizable law firm;
  • Years of experience in a range of practice areas;
  • Free consultations on the phone and online.

Latest results:

  • $1,600,000 motorcycle vs car accident;
  • $275,000 animal attack;
  • $100,000 auto accident.

26. The Orr Firm

The Orr Firm has a broad representation across the state with offices in Oakland, Ls Angeles, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and other locations. Local experts have in-depth experience in handling cases that involve criminal defense, motor vehicle accidents, and personal injuries. They work with customers in mind. The main mission is to deliver personal attention to every detail when handling not more than one case at a time. They work as a team to work out an effective solution that will help clients put up with financial and other problems.

Address: 300 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza #216, Oakland, CA 94612

The Orr Firm

More Information on TheOrrFirm.com

Wykeisha Orr is the founder of the law firm. She acquired the reputation of a successful Oakland personal injury attorney with enough experience to handle every stage and aspect of civil litigation. She is in charge of a professional team that delivers high-quality services across California. Apart from free consultations, the website features a comprehensive blog with useful articles and information that may come in handy.


  • A low-volume Oakland-based law firm;
  • Experience in handling all stages of civil litigation;
  • In-depth knowledge and high-end legal skills.

Additional benefits:

  • A simple online form to schedule no-obligation consultations at zero fees.

27. The Law Offices of Fernando Hidalgo

Although the Law Offices of Fernando Hidalgo has its main office located in San Francisco, local attorneys defend people’s rights across the state and in Oakland in particular. Founded by Fernando Hidalgo, the company has gained an excellent reputation and recognition among clients and other lawyers over the years. Mr. Hidalgo is a well-educated and experienced attorney with a rowing legal team that helps in case of car accidents, medical malpractice, worker compensation, civil litigation, and more.

Address: 2648 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601

The Law Offices of Fernando Hidalgo

More Information on FernandoHidalgoLaws.com

The main advantage of the law firm is the fact that all services are delivered on a contingency basis. It means no upfront fees or running costs until Fernando and his team win the case. What’s more, they offer some of the most affordable fees among the majority of trusted law firms in California. If they gain the compensation you deserve, they will take only 15% of the settlement while other companies charge 30% and more. This is what can make the law office a good alternative to more expensive legal services.


  • A trusted personal injury attorney;
  • Affordable fees;
  • Contingency basis.

Additional benefits:

  • Free video guides and reviews.

28. Haley Law Office

Haley Law office has been in business for almost 2 decades. Established in 1982, it has been helping people in Oakland to cope with financial struggles resulted in car accidents and personal injuries. Local attorneys boast a broad experience in handling different cases such as medical malpractice, police misconduct, motor vehicle accidents, and contested wills. If you look for professional and diligent specialists to take care of the settlement, this firm is certainly the one to opt for.

Address: 1633 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Haley Law Office

More Information on HaleyLaw.com

Attorney Matthew Haley is the founder of the company. He gained recognition after practicing law and helping people in Oakland since 1955. Over the years, Matthew managed to collect millions of dollars for his clients in settlements. He gained numerous awards and honorable titles. He helps families in case of wrongful death and individuals who suffered from elder abuse.


  • Established in 1982;
  • Legal practice since 1955;
  • Flawless reputation and recognition.

Latest achievements:

  • $68,000 auto accident;
  • $60,000 dog bite;
  • $325,000 motorcycle accident.

29. Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell

The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell has been in the legal business for many decades. It is one of the longest-running companies in the Bay Area and across California. The history of the firm started back in 1931. The time went on, and in 1978 Joseph W. Campbell took over the team management together with one of his partners. Today, he is the sole leader and managing car accident lawyer to handle a variety of practice areas that include all kinds of motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries, wrongful death, premises liability, professional negligence, and some others.

Address: 1301 Marina Village Pkwy #330, Alameda, CA 94501

Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell

More Information on JWC-Law.com

If you look for a high-quality legal representation in the Bay Area and Alameda, this law office is certainly the one to opt for. Mr. Campbell has a small legal team with years of experience. Not so long ago, Elizabeth B. Moreno joined the office to help Joseph represent clients either at the pretrial level or in the courtroom.


  • One of the longest-running law firms;
  • Decades of combined experience;
  • 310 positive reviews on Yelp.


  • No recent case results were displayed on the website.

30. Liberty Law Office

The Liberty Law Office was founded with the one and only mission, which is to protect people, not powerful, and give a voice to the voiceless. To make things easier, local lawyers help people, who have their backs against the wall being unable to pay for medical and repair bills because of others’ negligence. The managing attorney and founder Micha Star Liberty knows how it feels to have a serious injury that prevents you from bringing to life your dreams.

Address: 1970 Broadway #700, Oakland, CA 94612

Liberty Law

More Information on LibertyLaw.com

Micha has gained a flawless reputation when serving clients in Oakland and San Francisco. She has broad experience in handling different cases that involve car accidents, personal injuries, mass tort, discrimination, product liability, civil rights, and many other law fields. The support is delivered in English and Spanish.


  • Caring legal team;
  • Bilingual customer support;
  • Interactive introduction video.

Additional benefits:

  • Real customer reviews.

31. Shouse Law Group

Shouse Law Group introduces a pool of dedicated lawyers that deliver high-quality legal assistance across the state. With offices in Oakland, Los Angeles, and some other locations, professional attorneys boast more than 100 years of collective experience and millions collected in settlements and judgments. They specialize in different practice areas that range from DUI and criminal defense to car accidents, personal injuries, immigration law, worker compensation, and more.

Address: 1901 Harrison St #1100, Oakland, CA 94612

Shouse Injury Law Group

More Information on ShouseLaw.com

The team consists of not only attorneys but also former police sergeants and prosecutors. They know how the system works and what it takes to fight back insurance companies. They will thoroughly guide you through every stage of the litigation process and represent your rights in the courtroom if necessary.


  • More than 100 years of combined experience;
  • The team consists of former police officers and prosecutors;
  • Millions of dollars in settlements.

Latest achievements:

  • 2-year driver’s license suspension dismissed;
  • A driver granted diversion in a DUI case.

32. Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin

Specialists from the Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin mainly specialize in personal injuries and worker compensations. Both fields require many skills, an in-depth understanding of the area, negotiating skills, and legal background. Those are the qualities that every lawyer from the team has in addition to years of combined experience and hundreds of successful cases. Together, they boast more than 25 years of legal practice. With offices in Oakland, San Jose, and other cities across the state, the founder and the managing attorney Andrew B. Shin with his team help injured workers, as well as drivers and pedestrians who got in an accident.

Address: 505 14th St #935, Oakland, CA 94612

Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin

More Information on InjuryAttorneyDirect.com

Mr. Shin teamed up with lawyers Jiyoung Joanna Lee and Joel M. Chan to broaden the range of practice areas they serve. Form a small law firm, the company has grown into a well-established legal office with representations in 6 different locations across California. The team can boast an amazing track record with thousands of cases won. And all of them are like yours. Check it yourself and schedule a free consultation.


  • More than 25 years of combined experience;
  • Offices in six convenient locations;
  • Professional legal team.

Additional benefits:

  • Worker compensation and personal injuries are the main specializations.

33. Siegal & Richardson

Unlike the majority of law offices in California with dozens of lawyers and paralegals, Siegal & Richardson is the office where founders and leading attorneys Joel Siegal and Richard Richardson handle each case personally. For more than 30 years they have been helping people in Oakland and across the state to recover the settlement they deserve and get back to normal life as quickly as possible. They specialize in a wide range of areas involving motorcycle accidents, personal injuries, age discrimination, wrongful death, medical malpractice, racial and work discrimination, consumer protection, and many other areas.

Address: The Historic Central Building, 436 14th St Suite 1106, Oakland, CA 94612

Siegal & Richardson

More Information on LitigateForJustice.com

Each of the law fields they handle, require the most aggressive litigation. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover your losses because of others’ negligence. Joel and Richard will defend your rights and fight for the most favorable outcome. Both have a huge track record of cases and prestigious awards including Super Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocate Forum membership, and more.


  • More than 30 years of helping people;
  • Low-volume local-based law firm;
  • Personal attention to every client.

Additional benefits:

  • Prestigious titles and membership in the Millions Dollar Advocate Forum.

34. Quirk Reed

Quirk Reed is the la w office where attorneys boast an extensive legal background to handle a variety of practice areas. They all have impressive litigation skills to gain the settlement at the pretrial level and oppose insurance companies in the most aggressive manner. Besides, they have proved to be experienced and skillful trial attorneys. They guarantee the most positive outcome for individuals and groups even if insurance companies refuse the pay the compensation you deserve. Local experts generally handle car accidents, wrongful death, personal injuries, dog bites, Uber accidents, slip and falls, and other areas. Call now or schedule a free consultation online.

Address: 220 4th St #200, Oakland, CA 94612

Quirk Reed

More Information on QRFirm.com

Logan Quirk and Nicolaus W. Reed are the founders and partner attorneys in their law firm. Logan is a proven expert when it comes to personal injury cases. He helped thousands of clients to collect the fear settlement. Logan boasts exceptional analytic skills. Besides, he is an aggressive and talented negotiator. Nicolaus is also a personal injury attorney, who is always ready to represent customers in the trial. Together with Logan, they form a strong legal team to handle any case and never let insurance companies take advantage of you.


  • Litigation and trial representation;
  • Local based Oakland law firm;
  • Free case discussion.


  • A few info in the attorneys’ profiles and no case results were highlighted.

35. Bennett Johnson

Bennett Johnson is a law firm that has been successfully representing clients since 1981. They have collected more than $500 million in settlements and verdicts. They include several multi-million dollar compensations including a $29-million verdict for the wrongful death of one of the company’s clients. Attorneys Richard C. Bennett and William Johnson founded their company with the aim of not just helping people to oppose insurance companies but also to explain to them their rights and steps to take after the accident or injury.

Address: 1901 Harrison St Ste 1600, Oakland, CA 94612

Bennett Johnson

More Information on BennettJohnsonLaw.com

If you opt for this firm, you may count on some of the most successful and well-established car accident lawyers in Northern California. They have vast experience in handling different cases that involve truck and car accidents, product liability, personal injuries, medical malpractice, elder abuse, and many more. As stated earlier, they fight for the maximum settlement and boast some of the biggest settlements collected for their clients in California.


  • Decades of combined experience;
  • One of the most successful law firms in California;
  • Experienced lawyers with enormous personal and legal background.

Latest achievements:

  • $29,200,000 wrongful death in a car accident;
  • $29,200,000 wrongful death in a highway accident;
  • $20,000,000 severe injury at a church picnic.

36. Burneikis Law

Burneikis Law is a low-volume local-based law firm that helps the residence of Oakland to cope with their medical and repair bills after the accident. Mrs. Burneikis is the founder and the managing attorney. She boasts an impressive list of awards, memberships, and titles. She was listed in the Top Lawyers that features not more than 5% of the best car accident and personal injury attorneys in the state. For many years, she has been a dedicated fighter for people’s rights. She is never afraid to take your case to the court and present it to juries unlike the majority of other lawyers.

Address: 66 Franklin St 3rd Floor, Oakland, CA 94607

Burneikis Law

More Information on BurneikisLaw.com

Mrs. Burneikis got a degree from San Jose State University. She has been practicing law for many years and eventually grew into a well-established trial attorney with hundreds of cases won and millions of dollars recovered. She handles a variety of accidents that include car and bicycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, and others. The core values she follows no matter what happens are trust, advocacy, dedication, and empathy.


  • An experienced trial attorney with a flawless reputation;
  • A low-volume firm with attention to detail;
  • Clear values and personalized approach to every case.

Latest achievements:

  • $2,950,000 truck accident;
  • $2,000,000 pedestrian vs individual driver;
  • $650,000 bus accident.

37. David Allen & Associates

David Allen & Associates is a widely represented law firm with offices across California and Nevada. It serves clients not only in Oakland but also in Sacramento, Fremont, and Stockton. For more than 4 decades, the main specialization has been helping disabled people and those who were injured in various types of motor vehicle accidents. David Allen has a professional team of associates who handle every case from medical malpractice and personal injuries to social security disability and long-term disability insurance.

Address: 1300 Clay St #600, Oakland, CA 94612

David Allen & Associates

More Information on DavidAllenLaw.com

What makes the firm stand out is the commitment of every attorney to help and fight back for the settlement you deserve. If they take the case, they will never let insurance companies take advantage of you. With David Allen and his car accident lawyers on your side, you gain decades of successful experience in addition to a more than 80% success rate.


  • 40 years of legal experience;
  • Offices in California and Nevada;
  • 80% success rate.


  • No attorney profiles or case results are displayed on the website.

38. Habbas & Associates

Since the first day in business, Habbas & Associates has been working with a focus on clients’ needs and on behalf of their interests. Local lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions in settlements and judgments boasting really huge multi-million dollar checks. People from San Jose, Oakland, and the surrounding may always count on comprehensive and caring support in case of birth injuries, car accidents, catastrophic and traumatic injuries, animal assaults, discrimination, defective products, and many others.

Address: 1999 Harrison St, Oakland, CA 94612

Habbas & Associates

More Information on HabbasLaw.com

Omar Habbas is the founder and the leading lawyer. He has built a strong team of 7 more attorneys to cover as many practice areas as possible. At the same time, they pay attention to quality instead of quantity and never handle more than one case at a time. Numerous rewards, prestigious titles, and millions in settlements are the best evidence of the team’s expertise and success.


  • Decades of collective experience;
  • A team of 8 dedicated lawyers;
  • Wide range of practice areas.

Latest achievements:

  • $37,000,000 discrimination and retaliation;
  • $8,500,000 burn injury;
  • $8,000,000 breach of contract.

39. Law Offices of Suizi Lin

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Suizi Lin establish a personalized approach to every customer. They do not rush to get a quick check and move on to the next case. It takes them time to know clients better and understand their needs. It helps to work out a winning strategy and win the case even if it ends up in the courtroom. The local team has an impressive track record of cases won in reference to catastrophic injuries that resulted in someone else’s negligence. The practice areas covered involve wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, motor vehicle injuries, etc.

Address: 1633 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Law Offices of Suizi Lin

More Information on FJSLaw.com

Another benefit is that we have a local firm with the main office conveniently located in Oakland. It means that you can contact the founder and the managing attorney Suizi Lin directly whenever needed. Another way to stay in touch is to use a simple online form. Suizi handles every case herself. She is an expert in a variety of legal fields. This is why she was rated by Super Lawyers.


  • Oakland-based law firm;
  • Convenient office location;
  • Free consultations in-person or online.

Additional benefits:

  • Rated by Super Lawyers.

40. Geonetta & Frucht

If you are looking for the pool of top personal injury attorneys across the Bay Area, is the right firm to consult. It has a team of dedicated attorneys in addition to multiple representations across the state and more than 50 years of legal experience. Local experts have proved to be qualified enough to handle various types of litigations including labor relations, personal injuries, business litigation, intellectual property, and others.

Address: 825 Washington St #220, Oakland, CA 94607

Geonetta & Frucht

More Information on Geonetta-Frucht.com

The leading attorneys and founders Fred Geonetta and Kenneth Frucht have been working together for years. Their mission is to help people and handle their cases both at the stage of negotiation or in the courtroom. Together, they have spent more than 50 years representing clients and fighting for their rights. Fred and Kenneth have experienced trial attorneys who are never afraid of presenting your case to the jury.


  • More than 50 years of collective experience;
  • Professional trial attorneys;
  • A proven record of courtroom victories.

Latest achievements:

  • $800,000 business litigation;
  • $500,000 in employment litigation.

Car Accident Statistics

Despite new federal laws and the latest technologies implemented in the roads, California is still the home for hundreds of car accidents including hundreds of annual casualties. Every day, people die or get serious injuries because of others’ negligence when operating the vehicle. Oakland is not an exception. With a growing number of vehicles, the number of car accidents increases drastically putting people from different age categories at risk. For example, the latest stats show that older citizens are twice more likely to be killed in a traffic accident if compared to younger Oaklanders.

While the situation is getting worse each year, having a trusted personal injury lawyer on your side is always a huge advantage in the face of insurance companies trying to let their customers down. It does not matter if the driver at fault does not have the insurance or you are partly to blame for the incident, you still have the right to gain the compensation and cover the bills that arise unexpectedly.

Main Causes

As a rule, the cause generally defines the practice area your case refers to. It is not only about the driver’s negligence. The fault can be on the car producing company or the highway operator who failed to ensure proper driving conditions. All causes can be divided into several categories. They include:

  • Defective Auto Parts – all parts must be tested and produced to ensure drivers’ safety. If the accident takes place because of a blocked steering wheel or tire burst, you may claim the settlement from the car manufacturer;
  • Drunk Driving – drivers who operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol appear to be one of the most common reasons for fatal accidents. It is considered to be an extreme form of negligence;
  • Distracted driving – every time distracted driving takes place on the road, the accident will inevitably happen. Using a cell phone, eating, typing messages, changing the radio channel – it all may result in a traffic fatality or severe injuries.

Additional reasons may include unsafe roads, DUI, and others. Car accident lawyers will help to identify the practice areas and the cause of the accident as well as the guilty side.

Steps to Take after the Accident

To create a solid background before the case and ensure success, you need to do the following:

  1. Call 911 or the local police department to state the accident. Don’t forget to call the ambulance and check if someone else requires medical assistance. Make sure healthcare providers document all injuries and medication you may need to buy in the future.
  2. Stay calm and try to collect as many pieces of evidence as possible. A good idea is to find witnesses and take their contact information.
  3. Schedule a free consultation. Find a car accident lawyer and consult him or her in-person or online. As a rule, the service is free with no obligations.
  4. Do not share all the info with the insurance company. They will use it to reduce the settlement.
  5. Let the lawyer handle the process and gain the recovery you deserve.

Even if you have several minor injuries, you still need to visit a doctor or go to the nearest hospital. You may not feel bad at first, while only experts may determine specific symptoms that may have negative consequences later.

Legal Standards to Follow

While Oakland is a Californian-based city, it follows the same regulations as in the rest of the state. It is vital to know your rights before the accident. It will keep you prepared and let the legal process run smoother. Unfortunately, a few people are well-aware of their rights. This is why hiring an experienced attorney is not a privilege but a must. So, the key points to consider here are as follows:

  1. “At-Fault” State – this term refers to California and all cities located across the state. It means that a guilty side is responsible for all damages and injuries suffered in a car accident. A victim has a right to make a claim to the insurance company of the driver who is at fault.
  2. Comparative negligence – it means that one driver cannot be guilty of all injuries within a single incident. One can be blamed for 50% of injuries and consequences. However, even a partly guilty driver has the right to gain compensation.
  3. Different compensation types – every client has a right to claim various types of compensations. They may include medical and repair bills, damaged property, further treatment and recovery process, compensation for the lost wage or earning opportunities, so on.

Make sure you have all expenses stated and documented.

Partly to Blame Drivers

Being partly to blame does not mean you do not have the right to claim compensation. Thanks to the fact that California follows the law of pure comparative negligence, you may receive a settlement based on the percentage of your fault.

Period to File a Claim

It can be different from state to state. While we are speaking about car accidents in Oakland, we need to consider California state legislation. It says that a person has two years after the accident to file a claim. However, we recommend you to have your case evaluated and discussed with a specialist earlier to ensure the most successful outcome.

Sum to Recover for a Claim

The final sum will depend on numerous factors. As a rule, lawyers will need all available info including receipts, bills, and all possible costs documented. They will define how much your case might worth it. It will also depend on the accident cause. For instance, when it comes to a drunk or distracted driver, which is considered extreme negligence, you may count in maximum possible judgment.

How A Lawyer Can Help

The main benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer is full-scale services you will get. It means that attorneys will take care of every processing stage from investigating the accident scene and collecting pieces of evidence to litigating and representing you in the courtroom if needed. You only need to sit and wait for your compensation to be recovered. The time it is going to take depends on the lawyer’s expertise and skills. In our list, you will find the best specialists in a variety of practice areas including motor vehicle accidents.

An experienced attorney will take care of all stages of the litigation process. As a rule, a team of dedicated specialists will handle the investigation process to find out who is guilty of the accident. They will find witnesses, collect all pieces of evidence, prepare documentation, and initiate the claim.

As a rule, most lawyers try to recover settlement at the pretrial level. The best bet is to opt for specialists with a trial background. They will not be afraid to take your case to the courtroom and represent it to the jury. It might be needed if the insurance company refuses to provide the compensation you deserve.

Even the slightest injury can be confusing and overwhelming not mentioning catastrophic damages or even fatalities. It appears to be a scary time when people are put in a tight corner with no one to help out there. Trusted and well-established lawyers in Oakland will treat you like a part of their family and help you cope with all financial and other obstacles.

Most people wonder if they should pay right at once when hiring a lawyer, as it may be a challenge. They have to cover numerous bills including medical and repair costs. The good news is that most trusted firms do not charge upfront fees and deliver their service on a contingency basis. It means zero fees unless they win the case. The percentage may vary from 15% to 40% depending on the case complexity and some other factors.

May 5, 2024