40 San Francisco Car Accident Lawyers

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Getting in a car accident does not only brings challenges in the face of hard injuries and property damages but also ends up with huge bills. Victims need to cover various costs from medication to repair. On the other hand, insurance companies do their best to take the advantage of people offering minor compensations. Luckily, car accident lawyers offer professional support and effective strategies to recover the settlement you really deserve.

Finding a trusted lawyer can be a challenge. After the accident, people are confused and devastated. They may urgently need medical and financial assistance to cope with expenses. On the other hand, they rarely get enough compensation from the insurance company. Personal injury attorneys try to fight them back and gain the maximum possible settlement either at the pretrial level or in the courtroom.

We have conducted the list of 40 car accident lawyers in San Francisco featuring some of the most reputable, well-known, and experienced specialists with a perfect reputation across the state.

1. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers

With so many reputable and trusted car accident lawyers in San Francisco, the office of Harris Personal Injury Lawyers stands out boasting decades of legal experience in addition to an aggressive approach when pursuing the compensation you deserve. Local experts deliver full-scale services that include professional legal assistance in addition to healthcare support and more. The team consists of experienced personal injury attorneys, litigators, investigators, and office staff to provide an individual approach to every case.

Address: 99 Osgood Pl Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94133

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers

More Information on HarrisPersonalInjury.com

The company has representations not only in San Francisco but also across the state with offices in 14 different locations. They include San Jose, Monterey, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego, and more. Clients may always count on professional assistance in addition to free no-obligation consultations online, on the phone, or in person.

Harris law firm

With Ryan D. Harris (the founder and the leading attorney) in charge, the expert team consists of more than 35 lawyers, who handle a variety of cases. The practice areas involve auto accidents, personal injuries, worker compensations, pedestrian accidents, traumatic injuries, animal assaults, and many other areas. They boast a successful track record with more than 5,000 cases won and overall $400 million recovered in judgments and settlements.


  • Representation across the state;
  • More than 5,000 satisfied clients;
  • Over $400 million in settlements.

Latest achievements:

  • $ 2,119,875 intoxicated semi-truck driver;
  • $ 2,050,000 out of control vehicle collision;
  • $ 1,500,000 animal attack.

2. Goodrow Law – 45 Years of legal Practice

Russell Goodrow is not only the founder and the managing attorney at the Goodrow Law firm. He is also one of the most recognizable lawyers in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. He made a name for himself thanks to an aggressive approach and deep understanding of every case. Russell started delivering legal services back in 2007 mainly handling civil litigation. He helped hundreds of people and eventually expanded his practice area. Today, the team works with different matters that include personal injuries and civil litigation.

Address: Law Chambers Building, 345 Franklin St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Goodrow Law

More Information on GoodrowLaw.com

When it comes to personal injuries, Mr. Goodrow handles a variety of cases that range from auto and motorcycle accidents to slip and fall, premises liability, and more. As an experienced civil litigator, he will help in case of business disputes (partnership disputes and business frauds). Russell is a proven expert in the field of employment law. What is more, he is an experienced trial attorney with hundreds of cases won.

Goodrow Law firm

The comprehensive FAQ and knowledgebase support every practice area on the website. They contain essential information and everything you need to know about your rights and chances to get the settlement. Clients may claim a free consultation without obligation to sign anything. With Mr. Goodrow’s support, they will have more than 45 years of legal experience on your side.


  • The firm was established in 2007;
  • Top attorney in San Francisco and Santa Barbara;
  • More than 45 years of practicing.

Additional benefits:

  • A trusted trial attorney;
  • Deep understanding of business and employment law;
  • Civil litigation expert.

3. Sally Morin

Sally Morin’s law office differs from any law firm in San Francisco you have ever come across. First of all, it is one of the most recognizable car accident lawyer teams in San Francisco and Los Angele. Secondly, the firm boasts 5-star ratings with more than 49 positive reviews. Last but not least, it is a 100% female firm. No men working here. The pool of attorneys introduces 4 experienced specialists with Sally Morin in charge. Together, they have decades of the collective experience and thousands of cases won.

Address: 25 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Sally Morin

More Information on SallyMorinLaw.com

With the main office located in San Francisco, the company delivers high-quality legal services also in San Jose, Oakland, and Los Angeles. The team of experts specializes in all possible areas that refer to car accidents and personal injuries. They will help in case of auto, motorcycle, and Uber accidents. Injured pedestrians may also count on professional legal support on a contingency basis.

Sally Morin Satisfaction Guarantee

Additional benefits include video guides, tutorials, and attorney’s presentations with detailed FAQs. What’s more, every user may claim a free Handbook on how to protect yourself after an accident. It comes as a comprehensive guide with detailed steps to follow. If you need assistance with the settlement, damaged property, medical bills, or other issues, Sally Morin and her female lawyers are here to help.


  • Decades of collective experience;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantees;
  • A female lawyer firm with offices in major cities.

Additional benefits:

  • A free handbook on how to protec6t yourself after an accident.

4. Beahm Law

Beahm Law is the firm with a team of professional car accident lawyers in San Francisco, who deliver assistance across the state. They follow the latest industry trends and ensure enough flexibility to help people even in the face of the pandemic. Every user will benefit from virtual legal support and online attorney consultations without actually leaving their homes. At Beahm Law, they never work with more than one case at a time to ensure maximum settlement no matter how complex the matter seems.

Address: 877 Bryant St Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94103

Beahm Law

More Information on BeahmLaw.com

For more than 12 years, Jason Beahm and Jennifer Bolen have been helping victims of car accidents and personal injuries. They are proven experts in such law fields as DUI and criminal defense. Clients may claim a free consultation whenever needed. A legal team is here to help round-the-clock. If you look for a trusted law office, this one is certainly worth opting for considering more than 150 5-star reviews and ratings.


  • More than 12 years of practicing;
  • Experts in car accidents, personal injuries, DUI, and civil rights;
  • More than 150 positive reviews.

Additional benefits:

  • Virtual legal assistance with 24/7 support.

5. Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger

Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger is not just one of the most recognizable and trusted law firms in San Francisco. It also boasts the biggest track record of million-dollar verdicts than any other company located in the region of the Bay Area. They have collected millions in judgments for thousands of satisfied customers. The team of lawyers has success in representing clients in state and federal courts. They handle cases related to car accidents, personal injuries, premises liability, medical malpractice, tourist injuries, wrongful death, and many others.

Address: 650 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger

More Information on WalkupLawOffice.com

The local team is recognized as the pool of leading wrongful death and personal injury litigators. They will fight for the compensation you deserve no matter how hard the process may seem from the start. Eleven experienced car accident lawyers will put their enormous experience n your side. They never deal with third-party attorneys. Every team member is the company’s shareholder. It is actually the same as dealing with a family-owned law firm or even better.


  • 11 leading car accident lawyers at your service;
  • More than 6 decades of experience;
  • The biggest number of million-dollar checks in the Bay Area.

Latest results:

  • $52,000,000 wrongful death;
  • $42,000,000 property defect;
  • $38,600,000failure to diagnose stroke.

6. Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan

Matt Quinlan is a well-recognizable personal injury lawyer in San Francisco. He teamed up with Dan Aguilar to deliver high-end legal services across the Bay Area. Established in 2005, the Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan helped hundreds of people, who became victims of motor vehicle accidents and various types of personal injuries. The company has over 30 positing reviews on Yelp and a 5-star rating on Google. If you need to get a settlement to cover unexpected recovery or repair bills, these guys are ready to help.

Address: 3223 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan

More Information on MJQLaw.com

The good thing about the company is a clear and transparent pricing policy. They work on a contingency basis, which means that you do not have to pay unless they win the case. What’s more, they will handle all the out-of-pocket and running costs, until you get the compensation. The fee ranges from 30% to 40% from the final verdict. It is a common practice for the majority of law firms in California. At least, you always know, how much the case is going to cost.


  • More than 15 years of legal practicing;
  • Positive reviews and 5-star ratings on the web;
  • Clear pricing policy and contingency fees.

Additional benefits:

  • Lawyers are regularly featured in San Francisco Tribune, CBN, Los Angeles Times, etc.

7. Car Accident Lawyer Guys

Car Accident Lawyer Guys is a law firm with more than 2 decades of practicing and a team of professional car accident lawyers in San Francisco. The company has offices in different cities across the state. Scott Mattingly is the founder of the firm. Together with his team, he managed to recover more than $150 million in judgments and verdicts. Apart from legal representation in case of bicycle or truck accidents, personal injuries, or wrongful death, they also help to handle medical and repair bills and put the insurance company back on the run.

Address: 71 Stevenson St Ste 1540, San Francisco, CA 94105

Car Accident Lawyer Guys

More Information on AccidentAttorneys-California.com

The firm serves clients across California with strong representation in San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and other cities. It all starts with a free no-obligation consultation. It helps specialists to evaluate the case and work out a strategy to win the case and recover the verdict you deserve. Mr. Mattingly is the former department district attorney. He knows how to represent clients and fight for their rights.


  • 2 decades of practicing;
  • Offices in major cities across the state;
  • More than $150 million in judgments and settlements.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,000,000 wrongful death after semi-truck collision;
  • $550,000 injured contractor;
  • $2,000,000 Big Rig accident.

8. Dolan Law Firm

If you look for a professional to pursue justice and fight insurance companies or huge corporations back, Dolan Law Firm is the right company to consult. First of all, the consultation is free. Local experts will evaluate the case to decide how much you will get in settlement. Chris Dolan is the founder and the leading attorney. He manages a team of dedicated associates and legal staff with representations in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. Dolan himself is an experienced trial counsel while his team has some proven experts in such fields as elderly abuse, personal injuries, employment law, and bicycle/motorcycle/auto accidents.

Address: 1438 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Dolan Law Firm

More Information on DolanLawFirm.com

The company promises 100% anonymity and confidentiality when evaluating the case and processing it. As stated earlier, the prior consultation is free with no obligations. The rest of the fees are established on a contingency basis. It means you pay when they win the case. No hourly fees or hidden costs. The transparent pricing policy is another advantage in favor of Chris Dolan and his team.


  • Confidentiality guarantees;
  • Experiment with trial attorneys at your service;
  • Offices in three cities across the state.

Additional benefits:

  • Free consultations and bilingual support in English and Spanish.

9. The Law Offices of Daniel Feder

For more than 25 years, Daniel Feder has been helping people, who have their backs against the wall because of unexpected medical and repair bills. If you suffered in a car accident or from a personal injury, local lawyers are here to help with a free consultation and case handling on a contingency basis. They will do everything possible to gain the settlement you expect. What’s more, the team includes professional San Francisco attorneys with legal experience in handling employment law cases, discrimination, business, and commercial litigation, etc.

Address: 235 Montgomery St Suite 1019, San Francisco, CA 94104

The Law Offices of Daniel Feder

More Information on DFederLaw.com

At the Law Offices of Daniel Feder, they know how stressful the legal process can be. Daniel and his team will take care of every aspect from investigating the case to representing you in the courtroom. Mr. Feder is a successful and recognizable car accident lawyer in San Francisco and the Bay Area. He recovered millions in settlements and boasts legal practicing since 1987.


  • Broad practice area coverage;
  • More than 25 years of legal practicing;
  • Round-the-clock support.

Additional benefits:

  • Local attorneys also handle employment law, harassment, and abuse, real estate consulting, business litigation, etc.

10. Law Office of Daniel H. Rose

Law Office of Daniel H. Rose is a well-known team of car accident lawyers in San Francisco and the Bay Area. What’s more, it delivers full-cycle legal help nationwide. The main benefit is that local attorneys specialize mainly in different types of motor vehicle accidents. They are ready to help n case of motorcycle and bicycle crashes, pedestrian injuries, auto accidents, and wrongful death. The law firm boasts more than 25 years of experience. It has collected millions of dollars in judgments.

Address: 1 Sansome St #3500, San Francisco, CA 94104

Law Office of Daniel H. Rose

More Information on DanRoseLaw.com

If you need a professional lawyer to represent yourself or your family against the insurance company or huge corporation, Daniel H. Rose with his attorneys is here to help. Claim a free consultation online or on the phone, have your case evaluated and handled, and eventually get the settlement you deserve. The process is crystal clear with no need to pay unless they win the case.


  • 25 years in the law industry;
  • Specialized in all kinds of motor vehicle accidents;
  • Multi-million dollar checks and settlements.

Latest achievements:

  • $5,000,000 worker hit by a truck;
  • $2,000,000 woman struck by a car;
  • $1,600,000 distracted driving.

11. GJEL Accident Attorneys

GJEL Accident Attorneys is a law firm with offices in more than 14 locations across the state and country including San Francisco. Despite such a broad representation, it is not a high-volume company. It means that all cases are handled with care and attention to detail. The local team consists of 5 experienced attorneys, who specialize in a variety of practice areas. They range from car and truck accidents to wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, etc. If you look for free consultations and zero-fee legal assistance, this company is the right one to choose from.

Address: 220 Montgomery St #2100, San Francisco, CA 94105

GJEL Accident Attorneys

More Information on GJEL.com

The company has a huge track record of successful cases. Local lawyers helped thousands of people with 99% of cases won. Case results look overwhelming. The firm has totally collected almost $1 billion in settlements and judgments. They include a bunch of multi-million dollar checks for brain injuries, car accidents, and wrongful death.


  • $950,000,000 in verdicts and compensations;
  • Close-to-perfect success rate (99.9%);
  • Offices in 14 cities across the state.

Latest achievements:

  • $11,700,000 traffic wrongful death;
  • $1,250,000 pedestrian hit by a car;
  • $1,500,000 back injury in an auto accident.

12. Nadrich & Cohen

Nadrich & Cohen represents a dedicated legal staff with professional car accident lawyers, litigators, paralegals, and office managers. They work as a team to provide the best legal experience to clients who suffered in motor vehicle accidents or from personal injuries. Jeffrey Nadrich and Randal Cohen are the founders and the leading attorneys known for their aggressive manner to fight insurance companies back. They do their best to get the compensation you want before the trial. If that does not work, they will represent you in the courtroom as well.

Address: 301 Junipero Serra Blvd #200, San Francisco, CA 94127

Nadrich & Cohen

More Information on PersonalInjuryLawCal.com

With more than 3 decades of practicing, Jeffrey and Randal managed to help thousands of clients and get millions in judgments on their behalf. Each case is handled with a customized strategy to ensure maximum efficiency. They ever handle more than one case at a time. You may count on a free consultation and case evaluation 24/7.


  • 3 decades of legal servicing;
  • Experienced legal staff;
  • Round-the-clock support and free consultations.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,845,000 construction worker injured;
  • $900,000 tourists fell from a horse;
  • $2,200,000 slip and fall.

13. The Hassell Law Group

Car accident lawyers at the Hassell Law Group take serious cases seriously. The firm represents a team of 6 dedicated attorneys with Dawn L. Hassell in charge. Together, they have more than 75 years of combined experience. The tea includes personal injury experts as well as trusted trial attorneys, who are ready to fight for the settlement you deserve. Dawn and her specialists will take care of every aspect of the case while clients will focus on going back to normal life.

Address: 4079 19th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132

The Hassell

More Information on HassellLawGroup.com

Apart from multiple reviews, free consultations, and millions of dollars recovered on behalf of their clients, local attorneys managed to gain endless prestigious awards. They include Top 100 National Trial Attorneys, Million Dollar Advocate Forum membership, and many others. Dawn L. Hassell is a lawyer with more than 20 years of practicing. She is a proven expert in such areas as car accidents, wrongful death, brain injuries, premises liability, construction accidents, and others.


  • More than 75 years of combined experience;
  • Endless awards and honors;
  • Millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Latest achievements:

  • $2,525,000 pedestrian accident;
  • $1,750,000 spinal injury;
  • $900,000 wrongful death.

14. Boxer & Gerson

Boxer & Gerson is one of the longest-running law firms in San Francisco. For more than 43 years in business, it has been delivering high-quality legal assistance for more than 2 decades. With offices across the state, it helps clients in San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Rosa, and Concord. The team currently consists of 21 dedicated car accident lawyers in addition to more than 100 union partners and associates with Stewart N. Boxer and Michael G. Gerson as the founders and managing lawyers. Together, they managed to win more than 40 thousand cases.

Address: 1390 Market St suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94102

Boxer and Gerson

More Information on BoxerLaw.com

The company covers a broad range of practice areas. They handle different cases ranging from worker’s compensations and car accidents to personal injuries and social disability. At the first stage, you need to reach out and have a free consultation letting local specialists gain all the needed information. They will do the rest including trial settlement negotiation and trial processing.


  • More than 43 years in business;
  • Over 100 thousand cases won;
  • 21 attorneys + 100 union associates.


  • No latest results were displayed after so many years of legal practicing.

15. Dunn & Panagotacos

Dunn & Panagotacos provides full-scale legal services delivered by experienced car accident lawyers in San Francisco. They are hard-driving and dedicated when handling any case no matter how big or small it seems. The team of attorneys consists of proven experts, who generally specialize in personal injury and litigation, real estate and employment law, business litigations, and more. The range of practice areas they serve is very wide. Clients are free to request a zero-cost consultation to evaluate the case and see what settlement local lawyers may recover.

Address: 1475 N Broadway #320, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Dunn & Panagotacos

More Information on DPLLP.com

With the founders and leading attorneys Ryan T. Dunn and Constantine “Gus” Panagotacos, the team includes dedicated wrongful death and injury attorneys. They will litigate different claims that may refer to car accidents, pedestrian injuries, dangerous conditions of the property, and others. If you need to resolve business or partnership issues, Ryan and Constantine are here to help.


  • Different practice areas and law fields;
  • 5 trial lawyers at your service;
  • Free consultation on the phone.


  • No attorneys’ bio or info. No recent case results.

16. Gruber Law Group

Gruber Law Group is the brainchild of Eric Gruber. He is the funder and the managing attorney in his office. Eric is a proven expert when it comes to handling personal injuries and car accident cases. Mr. Gruber guarantees exceptional services in addition to free consultations and legal assistance on a contingency basis. Eric managed to obtain numerous settlements both at the pre-trial level and in the courtroom.

Address: 250 Columbus Ave Suite 203, San Francisco, CA 94133

Gruber Law Group

More Information on GruberLawGroup.com

The website contains tons of useful information for victims of car accidents. It shows how to behave and what to do after the incident. Here you will find questions to all major answers as well as reasons to hire a car accident lawyer in San Francisco. The company has a perfect AVVO rating and many testimonials that look real.


  • Low-volume firm;
  • Experts in the field of personal injury and car accidents;
  • 5 AVVO rating.

Additional benefits:

  • Many useful tips and detailed FAQs on how to behave after the accident;
  • A detailed founder’s profile with BIO and achievements.

17. Phoong Law Corp

With so many car accidents in San Francisco, the chances of getting injured are very high as well as the chances to face unexpected medical and repair bills. This is where professional attorneys will help to gain the settlement from insurance companies to cover all the costs and go back o normal life. Phoong Law Corp is a team of car accident lawyers who will fight for the maximum compensation and avoid negative consequences of other’s negligence.

Address: 2725 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818

Phoong Law Corp

More Information on PhoongLaw.com

The path to your recovery starts from free consultations. Local attorneys will consider all the details and info provided to evaluate the case and decide on the most effective strategy. Clients are free to contact lawyers round-the-clock. They provide legal support in English and Spanish. There is a Live Chat feature to contact them instantly. You may also choose consultations via phone or email for maximum convenience.


  • Professional and friendly staff;
  • Free consultations;
  • Support via phone, email, and Live Chat.


  • Little information about attorneys and the latest results.

18. Compass Law Group

Car accident lawyers Simon Esfandi and Joseph Shirazi teamed up to establish their own law firm and help victims of other’s negligence on the road directly. Compass Law Group is a low-volume company with two experienced attorneys who deliver their services across the Bay Area and the rest of California. The firm has offices with strong legal staff in Los Angeles, San Diego, and other locations. Instead of talking to office managers and paralegals, here you will be assigned a professional lawyer right at once to handle your case.

Address: 50 California St #1500, San Francisco, CA 94111

Compass Law Group

More Information on CMPLawGroup.com

Simon and Joseph made names for themselves as dedicated and passionate personal injury attorneys. They handle a variety of practice areas. They include auto and bicycle accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, pedestrian accidents, and more. They boast a variety of honors and awards in addition to millions of dollars collected in favor of their clients.


  • Zero fees unless they win;
  • Offices in all major cities across the state;
  • Numerous 5-star reviews on Google.

Additional benefits:

  • Extra resources with FAQ and steps of case evaluation.

19. Choulos, Choulos & Wyle

Choulos, Choulos & Wyle is a powerful collaboration of two trusted top San Francisco attorneys George V. Choulos and Claude A. Wyle. Together, they boast more than 50 years of combined experience. They helped thousands of car accident and personal injury victims. George and Claude are proven experts when it comes to bicycle and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, and other practice areas. They love riding bikes together. So, they do know what it means to get injured.

Address: 275 Battery St #1300, San Francisco, CA 94111

Choulos, Choulos & Wyle

More Information on CCWlawyers.com

The company has already collected millions in settlements and judgments. It boasts a 98% success rate while all services are delivered on a contingency basis. Claude and George are bikers. They understand the risk and possible consequences of other’s negligence. For this reason, they will try their best to gain a maximum settlement. The attorneys have some prestigious honors as well as Injury Board Membership, San Francisco Trial Lawyer Association, Consumer Attorneys of California, and more.


  • More than 5 decades of collective experience;
  • Aggressive and dedicated manner to handle cases;
  • 98% success rate.

Latest achievements:

  • $3,500,000 bicycle accident;
  • $1,340,000 motorcycle accident;
  • $1,900,000 personal injury.

20. Bracamontes & Vlasak

Bracamontes & Vlasak is a low-volume San Francisco-based law firm founded and managed by Michael Bracamontes and Ryan Vlasak. Both are well-known personal injury attorneys who are currently supported by three of their associates. Together, they help people to cope with unexpected and unfair bills they have to cover because of someone else’s negligence. Michael and Ryan have accomplished hundreds of cases and collected millions of dollars in judgments. Some of their multi-million case results have been mentioned by big mass media.

Address: 220 Montgomery St #870, San Francisco, CA 94104

Bracamontes & Vlasak

More Information on BVLawSF.com

The team of 5 layers handles a variety of cases. They proved to be experts in such practice areas as personal injuries and wrongful death, motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents, landlord-tenant law, civil rights, employment law, and some other fields. Above all, the company has a perfect 10 AVVO rating, Million Dollar Advocate Forum Members ship in addition to prestigious awards such as Top 40 under 40, Premier 100, and other honors.


  • Legal services with a focus on every case;
  • A wide spectrum of legal assistance;
  • Prestigious awards and appearance o mass media.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,225,000 fire case;
  • $550,000 elder abuse;
  • $1,275,000 lead poisoning case.

21. TorkLaw

If you are looking for a car accident lawyer in San Francisco with a flawless reputation and numerous multi-million settlements, Torklaw is certainly the one to choose. Established in 2012, it won thousands of cases bringing some huge checks to its clients. Despite big wins and enormous compensations, the main mission is not just to get a financial reward on behalf of the client. It is also about making the world better and the community safer. Local experts work hard to move dangerous and hazardous products away from the market. They are proven experts in such practice areas as car and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, premises liability, sexual abuse, truck accidents, and many others.

Address: 1 Sansome Street 35th Floor PMB 32619, San Francisco, CA 94104


More Information on TorkLaw.com

The team consists of 13 experienced attorneys. The company has offices in more than 10 cities across the state including the biggest ones such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and others. Reza Torkzadeh is the founder and the managing attorney in the company. He has been practicing law since 2007. He takes serious cases seriously to ensure the compensation you deserve.


  • Almost a decade of practicing experience;
  • Clear contingency fees are displayed on the website;
  • Representation across the state.

Latest achievements:

  • $26,200,000 pedestrian injury;
  • $14,250,000 defective medical device;
  • $12,000,000 auto accident.

22. Callaway & Wolf

Callaway & Wolf is a low-volume local law firm with experienced lawyers, who have been helping victims of other’s negligence for more than 20 years. The company has offices in San Francisco and Oakland to deliver assistance in case of car accidents, personal injuries, and medical malpractice. Local attorneys deal with those major practice areas. They have collected millions of dollars in settlements with several huge multi-million dollar checks. They have enough expertise to help you get the settlement in case of pedestrian injuries, slip, and fall, traumatic injuries, wrongful death, etc.

Address: 150 Post St #600, San Francisco, CA 94108

Callaway & Wolf

More Information on CallawayAndWolf.com

Boone Callaway is the founder and the managing attorney. He boasts years of experience, a presence on some major mass media including CBN news, and some prestigious awards. He is an AV-rated attorney in addition to his Super Lawyer title. He teamed up with an associate Vadim Nebuchin to deliver high-quality services across the Bay Area. Clients may claim a free consultation via Live Chat or on the phone.


  • More than 20 years of experience;
  • Offices in San Francisco and Oakland;
  • Prestigious awards and mass media representation.

Latest achievements:

  • $2,100,000 cab passenger injury;
  • $3,750,000 pedestrian accident;
  • $500,000 pedestrian struck by a car.

23. Allegiance Law

Jason Lundberg founded Allegiance Law back in 2009. It means that the law firm has been representing clients for more than a decade. The team of attorneys expanded over time. It currently consists of Karla Sanchez, who joined the office in 2015 and quickly proved to be an essential part of the small but professional legal team. While Jason is a proven expert in the field of personal injuries and car accidents, Karla mainly handles cases related to worker compensations. Together, they form an award-winning and flexible team to gain the result you expect.

Address: 871 Page St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States

Allegiance Law

More Information on AllegianceLaw.com

With a wide spectrum of practice areas that include car and bicycle accidents, bus and truck crashes, and more, clients may count on full-cycle legal assistance. Local experts will help to handle various types of costs inducing medical and repair bills. To get started, you are free to schedule a zero-fee 30-minute consultation, which is enough for experts to evaluate the case.


  • Low-volume local law firm;
  • Experience in personal injuries, car accidents, and worker compensations;
  • Free 30-minute consultation guarantees.

Additional benefits:

  • Numerous testimonials that look 100% real.

24. Wakeford Law Firm

Wakeford Law Firm does not have plenty of paralegals and office managers. The team consists of only proven trial attorneys and car accident lawyers, who specialize in representing customers in the courtroom. Wesley Wakeford is a well-known personal injury expert and trial lawyer with hundreds of cases won. He started his legal practice in 2003 when he got California State Bar admission. Today, he has a team that delivers high-quality legal services in San Francisco.

Address: 1388 Sutter St #810, San Francisco, CA 94109

Wakeford Law Firm

More Information on WakefordLaw.com

Apart from the main office in the Bay Area, the company has representations across Northern California. The team of experts managed to recover millions of dollars on behalf of their clients. They are used to fighting for the compensation you deserve not only at the pre-trial level but also in front of the court. Mr. Wakeford boasts several prestigious titles including Top 100 trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and many others.


  • Almost 20 years of practicing;
  • Experienced team of trial lawyers;
  • Various practice areas to cover.

Latest achievements:

  • $960,000 slip and fall;
  • $750,000 rear-end collision;
  • $500,000 car accident.

25. Law Office of Alex G. Tovarian

Alex G. Tovarian is the funder and the managing attorney at his law office. The company is different from the majority of high-volume firms presented in California. At the Law offices of Alex G. Tovarian, they never handle more than one case at a time. Their mission is not just to get a quick settlement and move to another case but to ensure high-quality results that satisfy the victim. Mr. Tovarian is personally involved in every matter to have a clear understanding of the case and strategies that will bring him and his team to success.

Address: 1728 Union St #305, San Francisco, CA 94123

Law Office of Alex G. Tovarian

More Information on AGT-Lawyers.com

Personal injuries and car accidents appear to be the main specialization. Apart from San Francisco, the firm has strong legal representation to serve clients in San Diego, San Jose, and other cities across the state. Users will find numerous testimonials on the website. They prove the quality of services delivered by Alex and his legal team. In addition, here you will find a comprehensive blog with all the major issues described.


  • A low-volume firm with an attorney’s personal involvement;
  • Free online and phone consultations;
  • Comprehensive car accident knowledgebase.


  • No attorney profiles were published on the website as well as no case results displayed.

26. Law Office of Scott Righthand

Those, who look for the most aggressive personal injury and car accident litigators in San Francisco, should pay attention to the Law Office of Scott Righthand. Local experts do their best to fight for the most satisfying outcome when opposing insurance companies and huge corporations. The team of attorneys includes some proven experts in such practice areas as personal and catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, animal attacks, medical malpractice, and defective drugs, rejected or denied insurance claims, and so on.

Address: 275 Battery St #1300, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States

Law Office of Scott Righthand

More Information on RighthandFirm.com

Scott Righthand is the funder and the leading attorney. Together with Brittaney Rogers, who started her career in the company as a clerk, handled thousands of cases starting from 1992. That was the year when Scott launched his own law office. Today, they boast an amazing track record of successful cases and huge wins followed by multi-million settlements for their clients.


  • Law office established in 1992;
  • Experienced team of personal injury attorneys;
  • Video guides and tutorials.

Latest achievements:

  • $13,000,000 wrongful death;
  • $5,200,000 head-on collision;
  • $6,000,000 birth injury.

27. Sweet James

Sweet James introduces a huge team of legal experts. It includes 24 professional car accident lawyers in addition to more than 100 specialists of the legal staff always here and ready to help. With the founder and managing attorney James Bergener and his associates Steve Mehr and Kurt Maahs, they handle a variety of cases in such practice areas as slip and falls, rideshare accidents, wrongful death, sexual and elder people abuse, etc. They have already recovered more than $500 million in favor of their clients serving people in San Francisco and across the country.

Address: 4220 Von Karman Ave Suite 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Sweet James

More Information on SweetJames.com

The law firm is the media partner of recognizable TV and news networks. They boast regular appearances on major channels such as CBS, FOX, ESPN, MBC, and many others. Local experts guarantee zero fees unless they win the case. Additional benefits include no-fee consultation guarantees as well as round-the-clop support and instant response.


  • More than $500 million recovered;
  • 100 dedicated specialists at your service;
  • Zero-free consultation guarantees.

Latest achievements:

  • $10,500,000 back injury;
  • $2,950,000 LYFT accident;
  • $3,500,000 motorcycle accident.

28. The Majlessi Law Firm

The founder of the Majlessi Law Firm and the managing attorney Art Majlessi has made a name for himself as one of the most successful and celebrated personal injury attorneys not only in Sa Francisco but also in California. He boasts the biggest number of handled cases per year than any other car accident lawyer in the Bay Area. At the same time, he pays attention to quality, not quantity. Art is known for his aggressive manner to litigate the settlement you deserve. If he takes the case, it means he will win. This fact guarantees zero fees and up-front costs. All services are delivered on a contingency basis.

Address: 388 Market St #1300, San Francisco, CA 94111

The Majlessi Law Firm

More Information on LegalMetro.com

Clients may count on high-quality legal assistance delivered across the state. The company has offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. You may use the available contact information to schedule a free consultation in case you became the victim of a car accident, personal injury, defective products, train and aviation accidents, medical malpractice, and other practice areas.


  • 5385 cases won;
  • Representation in 58 counties;
  • 482 municipalities served.

Additional benefits:

  • Clients’ recognition was proved by more than 6500 positive reviews.

29. Ribera Law Firm

Sandra Ribera founded Ribera Law Firm. She was born in San Francisco where Sandra grew u and studied law at St. Ignatius College Preparatory. It means that Ms. Ribera is a 100% local attorney you can trust. Despite her age, she has proved to be an experienced car accident lawyer with dozens of testimonials and positive reviews on the web. She handles a variety of cases in such practice areas as personal injuries, elder abuse, employment law, sexual abuse, etc.

Address: 157 W Portal Ave Suite #2, San Francisco, CA 94127

Ribera Law Firm

More Information on RiberaLaw.com

Sandra managed to build a team of passionate and dedicated legal professionals. Together, they introduce what we call a plaintiff’s firm. It means that they specialize in consumer legal representation and never work on the other side. Apart from experienced car accident lawyers, the pool consists of recognizable trial attorneys, who boast San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association membership.


  • San Francisco-based local firm;
  • Experian personal injury lawyers and trial attorneys;
  • Appearance in the press and major mass media.

Additional benefits:

  • Super Lawyer award, Top 10 Best of the Best attorneys, perfect reviews on Yelp.

30. Minami Tamaki

Minami Tamaki is a local law firm with the main office located in San Francisco. It specializes in a variety of practice areas that include not only consumer representation but also nonprofit counseling. The team of experts includes award-winning lawyers who deal with car accidents, personal injuries, employment and immigration law, entertainment, and many other fields. Established in 1974, Minami Tamaki is one of the longest-running companies not only in San Francisco but across the Bay Area.

Address: 360 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Minami Tamaki

More Information on MinamiTamaki.com

Dale Minami is the senior attorney. Who continues the company’s traditions together with Donald K. Tamaki. Despite a pretty huge legal staff, they do not handle a variety of cases and stay focused dons several major specializations. Such an approach resulted in a flawless reputation, thousands of satisfied customers, and millions of dollars recovered on their behalf.


  • Established in 1974;
  • A team of 17 dedicated lawyers;
  • San Francisco-based law firm.

Additional benefits:

  • Cases and lawyers spotlighted in major mass media such as Washington Post, CNN, NBC, The New York Times, and many others.

31. Rahman Law

Rahman Law differs from the majority of law companies and offices in California. It comes as a boutique firm, which means attention to every case and concierge service to every client despite the background or social position. The company offers multiple ways to stay in touch or schedule free no-obligation consultations. Clients may use text messages, online form, or phone to benefit from round-the-clock support in English and Spanish. Local experts will develop effective strategies that help to win every case and get the settlement you deserve.

Address: 177 Post St Suite 750, San Francisco, CA 94108

Rahman Law

More Information on RahmanLawSF.com

Shaana A. Rahman is the funder and the principal. She is a well-known civil trial attorney. Together with her teammate and colleague Emily R. French, they handle a variety of cases. They specialize in such practice areas as bicycle and car accidents, catastrophic injuries, animal attacks, pedestrian injuries, and others. They have collected millions of dollars in judgments and settlements in addition to prestigious awards and numerous positive reviews on various public resources.


  • A boutique law firm with attention to customers;
  • Multiple ways to stay in touch with attorneys;
  • Prestigious awards and honorable titles.

Latest achievements:

  • $1,775,000 cable car collision;
  • $2,243,500 dangerous roadway;
  • $1,000,000 premises liability.

32. Cartwright Law Firm

The Cartwright Law Firm has been in business for more than 6 decades. It is one of the longest-running and trusted companies with offices in San Francisco, Discovery Bay, Santa Rosa, and Vacaville. Local experts mainly specialize in personal injuries, car accidents, and wrongful death. They offer individual legal assistance with eagerness to invest money and other possible resources to win the case by all means.

Address: 222 Front St 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94111

Cartwright Law Firm

More Information on CartwrightLaw.com

Robert E. Cartwright Jr. founded the company more than 60 years ago with the aim of representing clients and protecting their rights when opposing insurance companies. He is ready to help whenever a huge corporation is trying to take the advantage of you. Robert started practicing law back in 1982. He got plenty of honorable titles that include the Trial Lawyer of 2001. Together with Maurice Fitzgerald and David G. Yen, they have collected millions of dollars in verdicts.


  • Over 60 years of experience;
  • A team of well-established and respected attorneys;
  • Offices in four locations across the region.

Latest achievements:

  • $4,800,000 heart attack and stroke litigation;
  • $12,000,000 deck collapse;
  • $5,000,000 vehicular collision.

33. Abramson, Smith, Waldsmith

Abramson, Smith, Waldsmith is a local boutique law firm that boasts more than 80 years of combined experience. Unlike the majority of high-volume firms that try to handle as many cases at a time as possible, local experts are mainly focused on details and individual approach to every client. This is the only way to gain maximum compensation instead of quick small checks. They developed systematical strategies and keep every client informed about the way his or her case is developing.

Address: 19 Tehama St Suite A, San Francisco, CA 94105

Abramson, Smith, Waldsmith

More Information on ASWllp.com

William Smith is the funder and the leading attorney. He boasts decades of practicing experience as well as a Top 100 Northern California Super Lawyers listing. Together with his teammates Jeffrey R. Smith and Robert J. Waldsmith, they specialize in various practice areas that include car accidents, catastrophic and sports injuries, sexual abuse, traumatic brain injury, and others.


  • More than 80 years of collective experience;
  • A low-volume boutique firm;
  • Honorable titles and awards.

Latest achievements:

  • $17,500,000 brain injury at school;
  • $27,750,000 paralysis;
  • $15,130,000 wrongful death.

34. Law Office of Nikolaus W. Reed

If you decide to opt for the Law Office of Nikolaus W. Reed, you will find it easy to arrange for a free appointment or case evaluation. Users may benefit from a simple Live Chat feature to schedule the consultation online as well as contact the attorney Nikolaus W. Reed directly. What’s more, San Francisco citizens will quickly find the office conveniently located in South Beach. The company also has representation in San Pablo.

Address: Pier 40, Suite 7, San Francisco, CA 94107


More Information on NWRLaw.com

Nikolaus W. Reed is an experienced lawyer with years of legal practice and hundreds of cases won. He is a proven expert in different practice areas. He successfully deals with personal injuries or animal attacks, ski and falls, car, and bicycle accidents. Mr. Reed has a deep understanding of debt law. He helps companies that are harassed by creditors. What’s more, he provides assistance in case of elderly abuse as well as victims of assault.


  • Comfortable location in South Beach;
  • Office in San Pablo;
  • Various law fields to serve.


  • No case results. No attorney’s profile.

35. Vernardi & Zurada

Mark Venardi initially founded the company. Later, Martin Zurada joined his teammate and colleague. This is how the story of Vernardi & Zurada started. Today, the company boasts an expanded legal staff with eight dedicated and passionate professionals. They serve clients not only in San Francisco, but also in Oakland covering Redding, Walnut Creek, and other locations. They all have enormous experience of fighting for and against the Fortune 500 companies, which means multi-million settlements and effective defending strategies.

Address: 1418 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA 94612

Vernardi & Zurada

More Information on VZLawFirm.com

The company has an overwhelming track record of won cases. Local lawyers have already collected more than $100 million in judgments and settlements. Mark and his team guarantee zero fees unless they get the compensation you expect. Additional benefits include a 99% success rate, bilingual customer support, detailed attorney profiles, and displayed case results.


  • More than $100 collected;
  • 99% success rate;
  • Support in English and Spanish.

Latest achievements:

  • $4,900,000 arbitration for debt law;
  • $3,000,000 motorcycle accident;
  • $2,350,000 defective products.

36. Sisneros, Graziani

Sisneros, Graziani is a good option if you look for an aggressive and modern law firm with dedicated car accident lawyers, who boast years of defending experience. The company specializes in the general practice of civil law. It handles a variety of practice areas that range from serious personal injuries and wrongful death to auto accidents, dog bites, premises liability, pedestrian injuries, and more. The main benefit is that all of the local attorneys will never work for or represent huge corporations, insurance companies, and other organizations that try to take the advantage of their clients.

Address: 847 Sansome St #200, San Francisco, CA 94111

Sisneros, Graziani LLP

More Information on SisnerosGraziani.com

Apart from motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries, experienced attorneys will handle cases related to employment and civil law business and contract disputes, and so on. The founders and partner attorneys Roger Sisneros and Brian Graziani boast more than 4 decades of collective experience. They have successfully resolved hundreds of cases and recovered millions in verdicts and compensations.


  • More than 40 years of combined experience;
  • Variety of practice areas;
  • Free no-obligation consultations.

Additional benefits:

  • A comprehensive FAQ section and a blog with useful articles.

37. Anna Dubrovsky Law Group

If you need someone to claim a settlement or represent you in court against the insurance company, Anna Dubrovsky Law Group can be the one you need. It is a local boutique low-volume firm with experienced personal injury attorneys, who handle every case no matter if they can make $10,000 or $1,000,000. They fight for the most acceptable outcome for car accident victims and families that lost their closest ones because of wrongful death.

Address: 750 Battery St #700, San Francisco, CA 94111

Anna Dubrovsky Law Group

More Information on DubrovskyLawyers.com

The main benefit here is that clients do not have to speak to endless paralegals, office managers, and other staff. You will be able to contact the attorney directly. Anna Dubrovsky is the founder and the principal. She graduated from one of the most prestigious Russian universities where she studied law. Today, Anna helps not only locally based clients but also people from the Russian Bay Area community.


  • Legal service in English and Russian;
  • Cases of any size accepted;
  • Different practice areas to cover.

Latest results:

  • $4,700,000 motorcycle vs. tractor-trailer collision;
  • $775,000 auto accident;
  • $650,235 motor vehicle accident.

38. The Matiasic Firm

The Matiasic Firm has all the needed resources, facilities, and tools to represent a wide range of clients depending on the practice area or accident. What is more important, it has a team of dedicated attorneys, who are ready to handle different types of cases related to car and pedestrian accidents, catastrophic injuries, sexual abuse, motorcycle accidents, burn injuries, and many other fields. If you look for an aggressive and trustworthy representation, the founder Paul A. Matiasic and associate Hannah E. Mohr are here to help.

Address: 44 Montgomery St #3850, San Francisco, CA 94104

The Matiasic Firm

More Information on TheMatiasicFirm.com

Both Paul and Hannah graduated from some of the most prestigious universities. Together with the rest of their legal staff, they boast several decades of collective experience. According to their case results, they strive to gain maximum possible compensation. You may use the phone to contact premier San Francisco attorneys directly.


  • Decades of combined experience;
  • Comprehensive online video center;
  • Rea testimonials, blog, and FAQ.

Latest achievements:

  • $9,250,000 motorcycle accident;
  • $3,000,000 commercial truck accident;
  • $2,600,000 sexual abuse.

39. Bostwick & Peterson

Bostwick & Peterson is one of the most trusted and recognizable law firms in California. It delivers high-class legal services in San Francisco and Mill Valley. It boasts an amazing track record of successful cases in addition to more than $1 billion recovered on behalf of its customers. James S. Bostwick is the founder and the managing attorney with more than 45 years of practice. He made a name for himself as one of the most experiment lawyers in the file of personal injuries and medical malpractice.

Address: 38 Keyes Ave #115, San Francisco, CA 94129

Bostwick & Peterson

More Information on BostwickFirm.com

Erik L. Peterson and Blake Bostwick are also part of the team. They defend victims of other’s negligence that result in car and boating accidents, premises liability, worker compensations, wrongful death, and so on. The company boasts a list of prestigious awards and some really huge settlements featured in the press.


  • More than 5 decades of combined experience;
  • Best experts in personal injury and medical malpractice;
  • More than $1 billion recovered.

Latest achievements:

  • $21,000,000 truck accident;
  • $11,000,000 neonatal injury.

40. Jones & Devoy

Car accident lawyers at Jones & Devoy follow a simple philosophy – to deliver a high-quality practical legal solution to everyone despite the expected check, background, or social position. They do their best to take care of client’s problems either they are related to medical and repair bills or to mental stability and health. They work closely with non-profit and charitable organizations around the Bay Area to make their contribution and help those who are in the need.

Address: 649 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Jones & Devoy

More Information on JonesDevoy.com

Alexander T. Jones is one of the founders and principals of the firm. He has proved to be a passionate and aggressive personal injury litigator. Together with his colleagues and teammates, Alexander handles different cases from such practice areas as business and corporate law, real estate and property, personal injuries, car accidents, family law, and some others.


  • Takes part in charitable and social events;
  • Wide coverage of law fields;
  • Free consultations and case evaluation.


  • The attorney profile is not full. Some of the lawyers are missing on the website.

Car Accident Statistics

San Francisco is a real godsend for people looking for excitement. The city has so many great things to show. The slightest chance of driving along the Golden Gate Bridge or try probably the most delicious Dungeon crab in the world attracts millions of tourists. It results in a growing number of motor vehicles on local roads. What’s more, the population of the city grows each year.

The situation on the road worsens. With so many accidents and injuries, the number of fatalities looks threatening, although it is not as high as in some other cities in California. According to the latest stats, 29 people died in different kinds of motor vehicle accidents during 2019. This year, the stats will be more dreadful considering the tendency to grow. Nothing can replace the loss of a beloved person. The only thing you can do is to turn to a car accident lawyer in San Francisco and crave the maximum settlement.

You would hardly need an attorney when the matter is a dented bumper. The insurance will be enough to cover all the costs. However, what are you going to do if the damages are much more serious? How are you going to cope with medical or repair bills when you lose your job and wage because of the injury? This is where professional lawyers will help. They will fight for the maximum compensation even if the guilty driver does not have insurance at all. Whatever happens, keep in mind that the law is on your side. You only need to know how to interpret and use it. You’d better leave the process to professionals.

Main Causes

Despite the fact, the majority of accidents in San Francisco are minor, drivers still need to be aware. With a goring number of vehicles, you never know how one will behave on the road putting your and your passengers’ lives at risk. Being always aware means being prepared. Staying cautions does not always work. You need to clearly understand what to expect.

So, here is the list of the most common reasons for traffic accidents to take place:

  • DUI – also known as drivers under the influence, they involve drunk drivers. They turn out to be the major reason for thousands of accidents and fatalities across the country, not only in California. Sometimes DUI comes as a separate practice area. So, look it in the list of lawyer’s specializations;
  • Over the Speed Limit – speeding up is another common habit for those, who never take the Duty of Care seriously. On the other hand, it may lead to serious injuries and damages. It is another common reason for traffic casualties without the ability to react and control the car impulsively;
  • Distracted Driving – the main challenge here is that this cause refers to all kinds of motor vehicles, which makes it even more hazardous than others. A truck driver can type a message while operating the vehicle and hit pedestrian s or other cars on the way. Commercial trucks are extremely dangerous, as they are almost impossible to stop when the moment is lost. This is why they have separate safety rules.

Each of the above-mentioned reasons may cause serious health problems not mentioning enormous medication and repair bills. Talking on the phone, eating, talking to passengers – it all refers to distracted driving. You need to stay focused on the road and other vehicles.

Legal Standards to Follow

The only way to get compensation after the accident is to follow legal standards. The slightest mistake will provide insurance companies additional chances to reduce the compensation, and you will have nothing to do with that without a strong enough legal basis.

So, to ensure case success, it is better to provide all possible information to your lawyer. If you decide to defend pursue the settlement yourself, make sure you follow all of the given points. The good news is that California laws protect everyone who became a victim of someone else’s negligence. You will have the right to get the payment even if the second driver does not have full insurance. All you need is to prove that he or she is guilty of the injury.

The legal standards to follow include:

  • A person can be considered guilty only when breaching the baseline points of the duty of care;
  • Duty of Care is an obligatory set of rules for every motor vehicle operator on the road. It prescribes safe driving and the ability to react to any situation on the road;
  • If the negligence is proved, the guilty driver is obliged to cover all economic and non-economic costs.

If you are 100% sure, all the above-mentioned points match your checklist; you may go for it and claim the settlement. If not, you are recommended consulting a professional lawyer to take care of the case even if it seems hopeless.

Ground for the Accident Claim

The only way to prove that you are innocent and another driver is to blame for the negligence is to show that your opponent has breached the duty of care. It will give you a perfect ground to lunch the process of claiming the settlement. In other words, you need to have a good reason for the settlement. The following will leave insurance companies no chances:

  • The guilty driver was drunk;
  • He was under the influence of other substances that resulted in a DUI;
  • Traffic rules violation;
  • Inability to keep the vehicle in a safe condition;
  • Out-of-order parts and mechanisms that led to the accident;
  • Reckless or illegal behavior appeared to be the main cause of the injury or accident.

Use the Right to Claim Settlement

Every victim has the right to claim the settlement even if the guilty driver does not care for full insurance. The company is obliged to overall the bills and other types of costs (repairing, recovery, additional treatment, lost wage, etc.). However, the process may not be as simple as it seems.

Insurance lawyers do their best to manipulate victims. They look for the slightest mistake or chance to record statements that will be used against your claim in the future. This is how they generally act. As a rule, they come with a small prior over that contains the minimum compensations you may count without actually caring about the severity of your wounds.

Car accident lawyers act in a different way. Their mission is to put pressure on the insurance adjusters and gain the maximum settlement possible. For this reason, some of the cases end up in the courtroom. So, you look for experienced trial attorneys to represent you in front of the court if needed.

The Sum You Can Claim

When working with clients, San Francisco attorneys try to make the maximum outcome. However, you should not expect to get more than you deserve. The cost of the claim will depend on specific factors. They are as follows:

  • Officially stated medical and treatment bills. Keep the recipes of drugs and pills you had to purchase;
  • Recovery or additional treatment if needed. Sometimes, the recovery process may take long especially in case of traumatic injuries, and last for months or even years. Someone has to pay for that but not you;
  • Lost wage or job because of the accident;
  • Damaged property and repair costs. A vehicle could bump into the house and have it damaged;
  • The fact of disability, physical, mental, and emotional problems resulted in the accident.

Make sure you can prove any of the above-mentioned points. With each new statement, the sum of the cost of the claim will grow.

How A Lawyer Can Help

If you follow legal standards and have all the needed proofs on your side, it does not guarantee a successful outcome. The minimum of what you need to do after the accident is to:

  • Prove the driver’s fault;
  • Decide if the guilt is shared or sole;
  • Find out if the guilty driver carries insurance or at least minimum coverage;
  • Define the reason and the consequences of the accident;
  • Collect witness data, contact info, and other details from the scene;
  • Get ready to spend weeks and months to handle the case on your own.

We offer a faster and simpler way that guarantees the settlement you deserve. Opt for any of the listed car accident lawyers, lay back, and watch them recover the maximum compensation possible.

Jul 12, 2024